What app can Instagram followers give me

Over time, you can build a huge number of followers on Instagram.

You may not be in the realm of Selena Gomez or Cristiano, both of whom have over 120 million followers. But it can be difficult, even for the casual Instagram user, to keep track of who is and is not following them.

The native Instagram app doesn't offer easy ways to manage your followers and keep track of who followed you and who didn't. Because of this, developers have created many applications that offer an improved user interface to help you manage your followers.

Many of these Instagram follower trackers have similar names and almost identical capabilities. Some focus more on Instagram stats. We previously took a closer look at the apps that provide insight into your Instagram analytics.

Most of the apps we'll look at here are simple (and free). You can make the life of anyone with more than a few followers decidedly more relaxed.

Free Tools to Check Instagram Follower Growth:

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1. Follower Analyzer (Instagram)


Follower Analyzer provides you with relevant analyzes about your Instagram followers. You can see who is unfollowed to you & who is not following you back, tracking new followers, making friends and viewing fans. You can see which followers have never liked or commented on your posts and followers who have always liked them or who comment on your friends' posts. You can see your most liked and top commented states and people who are often tagged on your posts.

An optional premium purchase enables the registration of multiple accounts, an unlimited profile analyzer and the removal of the ads.

2. Followers & Unfollowers Analytics for Instagram (WowMaking)


This app makes it extremely easy to follow and unfollow people. You can use the Insta tracker to get a range of analytics about your Instagram account. The app contains ads and in-app purchases for the advanced features.

You can discover your followers and unfollowers, find ghost followers, find out which part of your audience is real and not just bots, and find out which of your posts are the most successful.

You can easily monitor and manage the popularity of your posts and examine how your audience is reacting to your shared content.

3.Followers for Instagram! (Component Studios)


With Followers for Instagram you can find out who followed and unfollowed you and who you weren't following.

You can access the most important functions for free, but there are some in-app purchases, such as displaying blocked Instagram followers, deleted comments and likes from your followers, a Perception Upgrade Package, an Involvement Upgrade Package and a Monitoring Upgrade -Package.

It's easy to use and you can follow and unfollow people from within the app. You can also use it to find and remove fake followers ...

4.Followers Insights for Instagram (MonoMosaic)


This is another popular app that gave more than 150,000 people a 5-star rating - resulting in an overall rating of 4.5.

Although you get some features for free, you have to pay extra for a number of other premium features.

The app allows you to:

  • To discover the followers who won and lost them.
  • To see who blocked them.
  • Unfollow people who have unfollowed them.
  • Keep track of your most loyal followers.
  • Monitor multiple Instagram accounts.
  • Discover your spies, potential spammers and inactive users.
  • Shoutouts to your best followers.

The app contains a lot of advertising.

5.Followers Tools for Instagram (CC Soft)


Followers Tools for Instagram provides you with a wealth of information to help you better manage your Instagram account. Like most of the apps covered here, you can get a basic level of functionality for free (although there are ads) and then buy additional functionality as add-ons.

In the core application, you can follow, unfollow, block and unblock your followers without restrictions. You can also set it to auto-unfollow with a separate list. You can also keep track of all of your new followers and lost followers / unfollowers. You can also see who you blocked and who blocked you.

The app also offers a lot of statistics, such as your total number of posts, preferences, comments, followings and followers and trends.

One of the premium features is photo / video analysis. This includes statistics on your most popular and least popular media items by likes and / or comments. Another premium feature focuses on user involvement. This provides data on who your most active and least active supporters are in terms of preferences and / or comments. It also gives you a list of ghost followers that you can quickly unfollow ...

6.FollowMeter for Instagram (BeakerApps)


FollowMeter for Instagram has an attractive user interface that will help you manage your Instagram followers. You get the following insights for free:

  • Number of followers gained
  • Number of followers lost
  • Number of non-followers
  • Your most and least liked pictures and videos
  • The total number of your likes
  • The total number of your comments
  • How many likes you get on average
  • How many comments you get on average

If you make an optional premium purchase, you will appear in the Discover section of the app, where all users can see (and hopefully follow) you.

7.Ghost Unfollowers for Instagram & Fake I.G. Clean (Prakash Desai)


With this app you can remove your ghost followers - lurkers who remain inactive on Instagram and do not participate in any engagement. Ghostfollowers can either be created by people or by social bots. They are not doing anything to improve the performance of your Instagram account. Fraudsters often create ghost accounts with fictitious profiles.

You can use this app to see which followers have not interacted with your last 100 posts at all.

You can also use the app to see and unfollow your Instagram unfollowers. You can perform mass unfollows - up to 60 users per hour.

8.Reports + Followers Analytics for Instagram (Mobile X)


Reports + offers a number of functions to improve your Instagram experience in the free version. This includes:

  • Key account analysis
  • See how many followers you have gained and lost
  • Your post performance
  • Commitment
  • Optimizing and planning your posts.
  • Find out who your best Instagram fans are and which of your followers often like your posts.
  • See your unfollowers

You can get additional information by subscribing to a premium add-on.

9.Tracker for Instagram (Appyfurious LLC)


Tracker for Instagram allows you to see won and lost followers. You can see how well your posts are doing, your most popular posts, and your most commented photos and videos.

You can also use Tracker for Instagram to see your followers' engagement.

Although the app is free, you can pay for premium access ($ 9.99 per month) that gives you access to additional insights, such as your favorite media posts, your "stalkers", ghost followers, blockers, the best “Likers” and the best “commentators”.

It might be worth checking the ratings for the app before downloading as users are polarized - the most common ratings are five stars and one star.

10. Tracker for Instagram Followers & Unfollowers (Quadro Tools)


The name of this app, Tracker for Instagram Followers & Unfollowers, is a good description of what it does. It allows you to find out more about the people who follow you (or who recently unfollowed you). The ratings of this app are also polarized - 878 people give a 5-star rating, 383 people give a 1-star rating. You'll probably want to try it out first before making an in-app purchase.

Like most of these apps, you have to endure advertising.

It offers a detailed Insta report of your followers, unfollowers, secret admirers, ghost followers, stalkers, likes and analysis. The statistics include details about your most popular posts (likes and reposts), followers / unfollowers, comments, likes, profile views and more.

11. Unfollow for Instagram - Unfollowers & Fans (Unfollow App)


This is a simple app that allows you to see people who aren't following you back on Instagram. It also enables single or multiple people to unfollow.

Although this app is simpler than a lot of the other apps here, it does exactly what it says it does. You can see your unfollowers or unfollow yourself, all with a few simple clicks.

12.Unfollow Users for Instagram (Xiuxin Soft Team)


This is another simple free app that does what it advertises. The homepage shows the people you follow but don't follow back. You can unfollow them right from the app, either one person at a time or in groups of ten.

13. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers - Follower Insight


Unfollowers & Followers Analytics for Instagram is obviously popular with its users with 4.5 points on Google Play, with more than 40,000 people giving a 5-star rating.

It has a comparatively strong list of features including:

  • List of your unfollowers, ghost followers, mutual followers, the latest unfollowers
  • The ability to be included in a global shoutout.
  • The chance to be part of a media shoutout.
  • Ability to whitelist users.
  • Can follow / unfollow from within the app.

The app is free but ad-supported.

14. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers for Instagram (Follow Cop)


Somewhat confusing is that this app is listed as Unfollowers & Ghost Followers for Instagram on Google Play, but is referred to as Follow Cop on the sales page (and in the app itself).

The goal is to be a comprehensive Instagram management tool: "With Follow Cop you become a cop of your Instagram profile."

It's a free, ad-supported app. Its features include:

  • Your non-followers
  • Ability to do global shoutouts.
  • Supports up to 3 Instagram accounts.
  • People you don't follow back
  • Latest unfollower
  • Ghostfollowers
  • Can whitelist your favorite users so you don't accidentally unfollow them.
  • Your top likes and commentators
  • Speechless likes
  • Can unfollow up to 20 people with a single click (no hour limit).
  • Possibility to filter fake followers, fake followings and mutual followers.

15. Unfollowers for Instagram Lost (Elegant)


The free Unfollowers for Instagram Lost will help you find your unfollowers (both nonfollowers and lost followers) in your Instagram account. The app recognizes and tags the people you follow but who don't follow you. You can also set it to tag the people you forgot to follow.

16. Who Unfollowed (Webilisim)


Who Unfollowed is a free app, but you can pay to promote yourself to all 200,000 users in the app.

You can find out who hasn't followed you on Instagram for any number of accounts. It will also list your recent unfollowers and ghostfollowers. It gives you some customization options so that you can personalize it the way you want.

Unlike some of the other apps here, there are no hourly limits. You can unfollow as many people as you want in one session.