Is atheism falsifiable

God? Faith in God or atheism?

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Jakob Stern

Faith in God in the service of those in power

According to the above, the gods and belief in God, with the associated apparatus, the public cult and the private worship of God, religion, which in the course of the most varied saplings, beliefs (dogmas) and rituals and customs have driven themselves as the naive product of the imagination.

In the long run, however, it did not remain so harmless. In the course of time, the cult required its own religious functionaries, priests, who often did not miss the convenient means of using the belief in God for their caste and private interest and to fool the masses into all sorts of divine wills that corresponded to their own interests. Likewise, the state rulers and the ruling classes used it, now in association, now in opposition to the priesthood, to tame the masses and keep them submissive. What their means of power were not sufficient to gag the spirits and to shackle the will of the exploited and oppressed masses and to dampen revolutionary fermentation was sought to achieve greater or lesser success by means of belief in God, by revolting against the violent regime from above than Disobedience to the gods or God, branded as grave sin, the prevailing conditions declared as “willed by God”, as “divine world order”, the ruling princes declared as sons of gods or “by the grace of God” and their worship and submission among them to the divine command was stamped.

For even if a popular movement managed to gain the upper hand for a while and to raise its social ideas with its class god and popular religion on the shield, later the regained rulers understood how to usurp this popular god and his social religion by means of a mythological counterrevolution and to falsify, to attribute to him doctrines and commandments and to have them superseded by the priesthood that agreed with their interests in rule and exploitation. Such a popular religion, in which the popular spirit was far overgrown by the opposite, could now be confessed by the rulers themselves and, in the costume of the same and dripping with captivating phrases, the masses ducking all the more easily, and introducing the falsified popular religion as the national religion. The socialist Yahweh religion of the prophets under Phariseeism had to go through this process of falsification, just like the socialist Jesus religion under the later feudal-clerical regime.

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