What are the best movies for enthusiasm

The best must-see films!

Dear MJ team,

did you deliberately leave out prequels and sequels from some films? (Didn't pay close attention to it now).

I think that The godfather 2 is just as good a movie as The godfather 1Which is why it's definitely included in the list got to.

Otherwise, what I would personally improve:

Leave out Requiem for a dream completely because I can't get anything from the film.

Get Scarface 100pro into the top 10, because for my generation it is just a milestone and a kind of "role model" (be careful: not the gangster image haha).

I would also bring Leon the professional way up in the top 10.

American History X in the top 20.

Once upon a time in America it was exactly 15 places up, to 30.

City of God should also be pushed a bit forward.

Pulp Fiction at 33 is absurd !! The film also belongs in the top 10.

I would list Apocalypse Now with the addition Redux.

And back to the sponsor: Both first parts in 1st place !! :-)

I miss films like Ali, Alexander, Casino, Django Unchained, GoodFellas, Heat, In the Streets of the Bronx, Inception, Inglourious Basterds, Interstellar, Kingdom of Heaven, Pan's Labyrinth, Snatch, Troy, Watchmen very much!

For that I would get the Japanese films out, as well as the very old films like Gone with the Wind - but well, that wasn't my age at all and if you watch these films in retrospect, it probably feels like you have them Already seen 1000 times elsewhere.

I would also move some of the placements around a few small places.

Otherwise the list is okay :-)

Good preparation is 90% victory!