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From the office chair to the bike saddle

He is the «fitness-oriented person looking for relaxation». This is what Edi Kistler, IT entrepreneur from Zurich, found out with the sports type test from Atupri and the Institute for Sports Science at the University of Bern. The subsequent exercise and sports counseling helped him to find the sports activities that motivate him the most. We accompanied the 36-year-old on his way to a more active everyday life.


Motivated and determined Since Edi has been running his own IT company, he has hardly found time for sport. To change that, he registered - like numerous other men and women - for exercise and sports advice at the University of Bern. On site, he completed the sports type test and analyzed his preferences in a conversation with sports advisor Lea. He then tried out various sports activities to find out what motivates him: the joy of exercise, the idea of ​​competition or the health aspect. Then it was clear to him: “I want to improve my fitness and switch off from everyday life. Best outside. " So the adviser's tip was obvious: "Get your racing bike out of the basement."

Review of exercise and sports advice, May 25, 2019


Every beginning is difficult Just a few days after the event, Edi made an appointment with a friend for his first bike tour around Lake Zurich. "I suffered a lot," he remembers. But he enjoyed working out. His goal: to get on a racing bike at least once a week.


Up and down - like on the bike route In July, Edi found little time for cycling. The euphoria from the beginning subsided. The call from Lea, his sports advisor from the University of Bern, came at exactly the right time. She asked how things are going and gave advice: How to motivate yourself and what helps when time is short.


Appointments with yourself Edi took Lea's tips to heart: He blocked fixed sports appointments in his agenda. So he was on his bike every Saturday in August. The tours helped him clear his head and switch off. Edi also noted something positive: "I am less tired and have more energy."


Routine needs to be learned Edi pulled it off and got on his bike regularly. But summer will soon be over. That's why he's looking around for a sport for colder days. Swimming would be an idea. Edi will stay tuned because he knows from experience: It's worth it. «The feeling is priceless!»

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