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Lynq is a great friend's compass for outdoors

Mini-map for festivals and outdoor trips

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With 'Lynq' you no longer have to worry about meeting places or worry about losing your friends in the turmoil. The small location tracker has a long range, is easy to use and comes with impressive mini-map functions that you otherwise only know from video games.

In order for players to find their way more quickly in an open-world video game like 'GTA', 'Horizon: Zero Dawn' or 'Red Dead Redemption', game developers like to rely on the services of the so-called mini-map. The small map is like the live GPS within the game, provides information about the location of our character, shows the direction and indicates both main and side missions. "Super practical", thought the inventors of 'Lynq' - the small peanut-shaped location tracker, with the help of which you can find your friends at festivals, skiing or during a city trip more easily than Geralt von Riva's next side quest .

The little gadget already went through its more than successful crowdfunding campaign on the associated platform Indiegogo in mid-June, where it exceeded its financing target by almost twenty times before the end. Above all, Lynq shines with its range, ease of use and no monthly costs.

Lynq: With radio and GPS instead of smartphones and monthly costs

"Where are you? I thought we'd meet at the grill stall? - I am! Near the toilets. - There are no toilets here. How many grill stalls are there?

Does the example sound familiar to you when you are out with your friends again and have parted ways? With Lynq, the well-known search for me could soon come to an end, because the real-time location tracker makes it much easier to find your way back during outdoor activities.

Lynq works without a smartphone connection and does not rely on WiFi, Bluetooth or apps such as Google Maps to determine its location within 5 kilometers, but on a mix of radio communication and GPS synchronization. So you don't have to limit yourself to hiking trails that guarantee a good cell phone network. In this way, two to a maximum of twelve devices can be connected to one another at the push of a button.

Assembly line use cases - that's why Lynq is so useful

Pushing a button is the keyword, because Lynq should be very easy to use. The display looks like a digital Casio watch and, in addition to the name, above all shows the distance and a frame that, like a compass, always points in the direction of the Lynq device you are looking for. Also at the push of a button, you can simply switch through the linked group members. With a battery life of 3 days and power-saving mode when inactive, you are also on the safe side for longer trips.

That's it, actually - Lynq helps you find your friends again. It sounds the alarm, vibrates and lights up on contact, lets you set zones in advance or alerts you when someone from the group leaves a certain radius. Lynq is therefore also suitable for tracking the whereabouts of your pets or kids.

We think: pretty practical!

First, crowdfunding participants from the USA can expect a delivery at the end of 2018, before delivery to Europe in early 2019. When and whether Lynq will go on sale is not yet foreseeable - but with this success it is probably only a matter of time.

In the video and on the crowdfunding page of Indiegogo, the inventors of Lynq show you again in detail how the little gadget works. Curious? Then take a look and give us feedback as to whether the little location tracker would look good on you.

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