What are the best rava recipes

At Dipavali (also Diwali), the Hindu festival of lights that I experienced in a strongly Indian city on La RĂ©union at the end of the 90s, I bought sweet little coconut balls on the roadside - Rava Ladoo (or Laddu). Back then I had to search the internet for a long time to find a recipe that came close to the delicious balls. I then continued tweaking it until I got the taste of the coconut balls again.

The main component of the balls is semolina (rava). The semolina is lightly roasted in butter fat (ghee), added sugar and finally saffron and cardamom as a spice, then grated coconut and milk. You can do without saffron if necessary, but I consider cardamom to be indispensable. It gives the sweet coconut balls an Indian note and smells wonderful.

When shaping the balls, you shouldn't take too much time, because the mass dries very quickly and can only be kept supple with vigorous kneading. It's a little balancing act: the mass shouldn't be hot anymore, but it shouldn't be dried out either.

Unfortunately, I still haven't implemented a variation that came to mind a long time ago: You could roll the Ladoo in chopped or ground pistachios. This is not only interesting in terms of taste and nutty, but also gives the balls a fresh signal color.

At the time, I noted in my kitchen notebook that these Kraftballs can be kept in the fridge for about 15 days. So far I have only been able to count to day 2. Then the Rava Ladoo were gone.

Here is the recipe (cup is the US size "cup" = 250 ml):

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Title: Rava (semolina) Ladoo
Categories: Sweet, Indian, India
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1 cup of semolina
3/4 cup sugar
2 tablespoons Ghee (Indian clarified butter; alternatively
- normal clarified butter)
1 / 4-1 / 2 cup of milk
1-2 pinches of cardamom; ground
1 pinch of saffron
3-4 tablespoons Desiccated coconut

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1. Heat the ghee.

2. Add semolina and stir over low heat.

3. When the semolina is slightly brown, add the sugar and continue

4. Set aside after 3-4 minutes and allow to cool slightly.

5. Add a tablespoon of coconut flakes, saffron and cardamom and stir well.

6. Add half of the milk. The mass should not be too firm or too soft.

7. Moisten your hands with the rest of the milk and form balls about the size of a walnut.

8. Roll the balls in the remaining desiccated coconut.