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Why Do We Eat Turkey On Thanksgiving Day?

Turkey has been the food for Thanksgiving dinner for several years. In fact, most people will not feel peace if Thanksgiving dinner goes by without indulging in turkey. Have you ever wondered why turkey meat is often associated with Thanksgiving dinner rather than other sources of protein like fish and chicken? To pique your curiosity, below is a brief history of Turkey for Thanksgiving, and a few reasons why most people consider turkey a must-have meal for Thanksgiving.

Turkey: the classic Thanksgiving meal

According to most American households, Thanksgiving without a turkey isn't Thanksgiving. Turkey has long been the food for Thanksgiving. The tradition has been passed on from generation to generation. It is actually one of the American traditions that has refused to go away. The first Thanksgiving festival is believed to have been celebrated by pilgrims and Native Americans in 1621, with turkey serving as one of the meals. It was served alongside other types of meat such as chicken, duck, and fish. However, these other meats were slowly being removed from the scene, leaving the turkey as the main meal of most households during the Thanksgiving festival.

Numerous recipes for Turkey

There are numerous ways to cook turkey meat. It all depends on the preferences and traditions of the people passed on to them. The numerous recipes encourage people to continue the tradition of feeding turkey for Thanksgiving. However, over time, different families and households have developed the recipe for making a turkey meal. There are over 60 recipes for preparing turkey during Thanksgiving. Whichever recipe you choose, enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner.

Turkey is (relatively) affordable

Most families can afford turkey because it is relatively cheaper than chicken. Also, the large family gatherings during Thanksgiving can be very expensive, especially if they opt for other sources of protein such as fish or chicken, which are relatively expensive. Turkey can be fed to large numbers of people without breaking the bank. In addition to pox pockets, the turkey is also readily available and the turkey is also easy to hunt compared to geese.

The big advantage of Turkey

Nothing excites a family reunion but a large bird on a table during Thanksgiving dinner. One turkey is enough to feed the whole family. A small family could potentially eat turkey for several days. The turkey is also easy to prepare, just roasting in the oven for a few hours before it's done. You really don't have to watch the roar. You just have to wait it out in the oven and then move on to other tasks.

In summary, the benefits of eating turkey and the rich tradition of sharing turkey has endured all these years and has become the ideal meal for Thanksgiving, unlike other types of meat that offer the same nutritional value as turkey meat. Eating turkey on Thanksgiving is likely to be many more years, perhaps until all of the turkeys in the world are eaten.


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