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"On the death of Hans Gerhard Franciskowsky"
by Rüdiger Schäfer

"To describe H. G. Franciskowsky as an all-rounder would be an understatement. On the homepage of the» Perry Rhodan «series, for which he wrote, among other things, 208 booklet novels, the following quote has come down to us:»As a writer, I would by no means be full and satisfied if I could only work in one genre. What is important to me is the diversity and the challenge of new topics. The spectrum of topics cannot be wide enough for me.“And so it is not surprising that the man, who has spent almost his entire life in Hamburg, was much more cosmopolitan in his literary field.
After graduating from high school, Franciskowsky studied economics and social sciences, then worked for 13 years as the area manager of a pharmaceutical company. He became interested in science fiction at an early age. Under the pseudonym H. G. Francis, he published his first booklet novel "The Five Oligos" in the series Utopia Großband in 1962. His actual name supposedly sounded too Polish to a publisher and America was the measure of all things at the time. Although a number of other pseudonyms have emerged over the years (HG Francisco, Gunther Frank, Peter Bars, RC Quoos-Raabe, Frank Sky, Dick Farlow, Hans G. Stelling), the English-sounding HG Francis (which should also be a little bit HG Wells remembered) to become the stage name by which he became known to numerous fans.
In 1970 the author joined the "Perry Rhodan" series, but initially worked for the sister series "Atlan". His first novel was volume 17 "In the Land of the Beasts". Apparently they were satisfied with their work, because in August 1971 his first PR novel was published. It bore the number 518 and the title "Storm Run into Death". In the following year, Franciskowsky finally gave up his regular job and concentrated fully on writing. His last (and 208th) PR novel was published in 2004 (Volume 2237, "The World of Hyper Crystals"). In 2008 another guest novel for the spin-off series "Perry Rhodan" Action (Volume 6, "Regents of Energy") followed.
H. G. Franciskowsky's oeuvre covers many subject areas. In addition to his SF novels, he made a name for himself above all in the field of radio plays. "TKKG", "The Three Question Marks", "The Five Friends", "Edgar Wallace", "Commander Perkins", "Hanni and Nanni", "Masters of the Universe", "Wendy" - the list of series for which he wrote scripts is long. This resulted in a total of around 600 radio plays, for which Franciskowsky received 130 gold records and six platinum records. The total circulation of all of his records has exceeded the unbelievable number of 120 million copies sold!
Detective novels, short stories and scripts for television programs, animal books, horse stories, guides (including about repairing mopeds), non-fiction and historical novels, articles for magazines - it seems difficult to find a genre for which the prolific writer has not at least made a contribution Has. The hearted Franciskowsky always stayed on the ground, took his fans seriously. He was also a passionate animal and environmentalist. For a series of books on endangered animal species, he traveled all over the world in order to be able to do his research on site. He has been to India, East Africa, China, the Azores, Florida and Canada. Environmental issues run like a red thread through almost all of his work.
Unfortunately, I only knew H. G. Franciskowsky very briefly, but my respect for his tremendous life as a writer is as great today as it was on the first day. In this respect, I felt it was an honor in 2006/2007 to be able to contribute two novels to the series "Sigam Agelon", a spin-off of the SF series> Rex Corda created by Franciskowsky in the 1970s < ,="" die="" inzwischen="" im="" kölner="" mohlberg-verlag="" fortgeführt="" wird.="" die="" beiden="" hefte="" halte="" ich="" in="" ehren,="" denn="" unter="" dem="" titel="" steht="" zu="" lesen="">by H. G. Francis and Rüdiger Schäfer«.
Hans Gerhard Franciskowsky suffered a severe stroke in the summer of 2009 from which he did not recover. He died after a long illness on Thursday November 3rd at the age of 75. "


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