How Targaryen's dragons controlled

Game of Thrones - This is how the Night King's new weapon could be controlled

In the 6th episode of Season 7 Game of Thrones, the cards were reshuffled. You can read here how the White Walkers will play their trump card next.

Attention, spoilers for the 6th episode of the 7th season Game of Thrones: In the current Game of Thrones episode Beyond the Wall, Jon Snow and his colleagues were able to put their plan into action to capture an undead in order to convince Cersei to join the fight against the White Walkers. But a bitter loss north of the wall could now have sealed the fate of Westeros, as Cinemablend reports. With the mighty ice dragon Viserion at his side, the Night King could inexorably mean icy death for the people of Westeros.

A dragon and the fall of the wall
After the Night King took Daenerys Targaryen's dragon Viserion down from the sky with a spear and turned it into an undead blue-eyed dragon, the White Walkers could now have the ultimate weapon that will usher in the great war for the final season. In the past, the wall in the north, due to its magical properties, was the only obstacle that prevented the White Walkers from entering Westeros. But now that could all change. The wall could soon fall through the fire-breathing zombie dragon and clear the way for the White Walkers with their undead army. Can the icy dragon be stopped at all?

An invincible zombie dragon?
The residents of Westeros do not yet know that an undead dragon north of the wall will bring death and ruin. It will be especially bad for Daenerys to see her own child, believed to be dead, on the side of the enemy. Although she still has two dragons, Drogon and Rhaegal could probably do little against the undead Viserion. It is very unlikely that both dragons will survive the coming war. Already in the 4th episode of the 7th season we saw the deadly power of Cersei's catapults. But the device has so far left no more than a flesh wound. Only arrows with dragon glass could be a suitable weapon against Viserion, but only if Cersei shared her new technique.

The last hope?
With the kite in their luggage, the White Walker army seems unstoppable. But maybe Bran could play a central role in combating them, as Screenrant suspects. Should his powers grow even further, he might be able to control the icy Viserion with his warg skills and use his deadly fire against the White Walkers. The final season of Game of Thrones will inevitably lead to a great war between the living and the undead. More than ever, the legendary warrior Azor Ahai with his mystical sword Lightbringer seems to be the last hope for the continued existence of mankind.

Do you think the White Walkers can still be stopped?