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    In the keyword search, enter e.g. Manfred, Lidl, Batman, James Bond, Paris, Mercedes, House of or Housewives to find speakers who correspond to it.


    Or just Gor, if you don't know whether to spell Gordon, Gorden or Gordan and that is the right term you are looking for. As a rule, the first 3-5 letters of a search term are enough to get the best match.


    In the detailed search, click through the selection boxes. You don't need to choose all of them. Search for ZIP 9000 and Italian if you are looking for an Italian native speaker who lives in Bavaria. If you also restrict the gender, you will only see women or men. It works the same way with age groups and genre.


    If you couldn't find the right one. We also have a phone.


    is still empty. Your favorites can be saved here in this speaker's booth. To do this, click on the selected text link next to the photo of the speaker.

    Then you can email your selection to a recipient in this field, click on to the inquiry form and download all speech samples there in a single zip.