Have you ever broken your own heart

Heal Broken Heart! 10 steps that are guaranteed to help you!

10 steps to healing a broken heart

The searing pain of a failed relationship is the greatest suffering many of us will ever experience. Separation and lovesickness are what worries us the most.

It feels like your heart is broken or in shambles. You ask yourself, "How can mine heal broken heart und love again? "

In today's post you will learn:

  1. Can a Heart Really Be Broken?
  2. What does the ego and your thoughts have to do with it?
  3. How the energetic heart can help you.
  4. What it brings you to switch from the mind to the heart.
  5. Ten steps to heal your broken heart.

Can a Heart Really Be Broken?

You may be wondering, "can a broken heart heal"?

Actually, the true heart, the energetic heart, cannot be healed because it cannot be hurt. It is always undisturbed and peaceful.

If we are from a "broken heart"When speaking, we are talking about a physical sensation in the body that is caused by certain thoughts - for example that our partner no longer loves us or loves someone else instead. It is actually the ego that is hurt, not the heart.

Thoughts like these and the feelings they provoke are very painful and so we build armor. This armor is like a wall that we build around our heart. We "close" our hearts in the mistaken belief that the heart is the problem. But it is not!

What does the ego and your thoughts have to do with it?

Our dreams are the problem. Our ideas, to which we hold onto as they should be - that is the problem. We had a happy dream of Love Story in Hollywood and it ended suddenly and without warning.

And our ego doesn't want to accept that our dreams have been destroyed. It doesn't want to face reality.

Have you noticed how the spirit continues to remove the wounds of a "broken heart"feeds by endlessly telling the terrible story of what happened to us so bad?

He chews endlessly on the "what if ...". Like a tongue constantly returning to the hole in a tooth that has been removed by the dentist. He just can't let go, can he?

Therefore, it is very difficult to completely let go of the people who have hurt us. We either carry an illusion within us that love is being miraculously rekindled, that others will see the light and come back to us, or we carry hatred and revenge on them within us.

We may think we cut them out of our lives, but every time we see or hear from them we have an emotional reaction.

And despite our best efforts, they keep coming back in our thoughts when we feel vulnerable or lonely.

Whether we are waiting for them to come back or they are cut off, one way or another we are burdened - either way we are not free to find another love. Either way, we have a way Wall put around our heart.

Hope is a terrible thing. Waiting for the impossible happens not only in our loving feelings and our openness, but also in our self-confidence and self-confidence.

And when we make someone an enemy, it hurts us - it hurts to shut ourselves off from our hearts, which we do when we block someone.

The only way to really let someone go and be free to move on with our lives is to be grateful for what they have given us.

Or at least with a focus on appreciating their good qualities rather than listening to their bad ones. This is for the mind, the ego that would much rather be left with guilt and complaint, not easy.

But it is not difficult for the heart, for the energetic heart.

How the energetic heart can help you!

The heart has the ability to see the positiveeven in someone the mind can only see as a monster. This is because the heart does not compare and has no ideals. It has no dreams or hopes.

It just sees the present reality without judgment. Judging is a quality of the mind, not the heart, because it requires comparison.

Because the heart is not involved in the stories the mind is turning, it can see more clearly. It can see that the other person acted unconsciously, although they may not be aware of it.

For their own unconscious reasons, they couldn't give you what you wanted from them. Unlike the mind or the ego, the heart does not take this personally.

It understands that this person has their own problems, vulnerabilities and limitations, that make them act the way they do.

And that has nothing to do with you. Their behavior is their way of covering up their own wounds, fears, and needs. With this understanding, compassion arises.

And with that compassion, you can finally let that person go and find peace for you.

What it brings you to switch from the mind to the heart!

It takes tremendous courage to move from mind to heart and having that perspective, but when you're tired of feeling the walls around your heart and really letting your heart flow freely again, then you can give it a try.

It is not a question of forgiveness. If the other person has treated you badly, then it is important to take responsibility for it and let them face the consequences.

This process is only for you - to allow yourself to let go of this situation that was above you and to live with your life more easily and less burdened.

The process is not just for healing wounds sustained by lost loved ones, but for anyone against whom you hold grudges or judgments.

It could be someone alive or dead, someone present in your life or from the past, someone in your family, or someone from your work.

It doesn't matter - as long as we hold grudges against someone, that person is haunting us in some way - we give them power over us. We are not free.

This process is about cleaning up our lives and getting free from these pressures.

Unfortunately, deep injuries and pain are stored in our consciousness and send us back to the same film with all its feelings and actions. They put on us the wrong glasses of perception.

You then ask yourself, "How can you heal a broken heart?"

There is a technique you can use to take those glasses off and get rid of that old movie.

I would now like to introduce this to you using an example (separation from a beloved partner) and encourage you to try it out.

It's a unique 10-step method that will help you remove emotional pain and enjoy life to the fullest. The whole thing is based on mental techniques and can really set you free.

These tips are sure to work if you follow them in the given order and duration.

10 steps to healing your broken heart


Accept that you will have to go through some pain. It is an inevitable truth that once you have loved enough to be broken, suffering must be experienced.

When you lose something that was important to you, it is natural and important to feel sad about it. This feeling is an integral part of the healing process.

The problem with broken hearted people is that they seem to relive their misery again and again. If you can't break the cycle of painful memories, chances are they'll repeat dysfunctional patterns of behavior.

Your pain has become a habit. This habit can and must be broken.

This does not mean diminishing the strength of your feelings or the habits you have built up during your relationship. None of us would function without habit. However, there comes a time when the pain becomes unhealthy.

When you walk into your bedroom at night, you turn on the lights without thinking.

If you're obsessed with your ex and feeling unhappy all the time, this is itlikely that your subconscious mind turns on your emotions in the same way.

Without realizing it, you have programmed yourself in such a way that every time you hear your favorite song or visit a place you have been to, you will feel a deep sadness.


Now you have to break these connections. Turn off the music that reminds you of your ex. Leave the place where you have been, change your home, repaint or move some furniture, you will immediately notice that it feels different.

Do something new, take a dance class, painting class, etc. and keep moving: Movement is the most effective therapy for depression.

The point of these changes is to break the old associations and create a new environment for your new life.

The changes you make don't have to be permanent. Even if you just use a different shampoo and delete your ex's number from your cell phone's memory, change something! Now! Right away!


The next step is to do the same internally - transform your thinking habits. We build a variety of such habits in a relationship. When the love relationship ends, these patterns can still run.

In order to change your thinking habits, you need to understand a little more about them.

Have you ever had the same incident with someone else and found out later that your report was completely different from his / her?

Each of you saw the event through a "frame" made up of your personal beliefs, feelings, and internal habits.

If you find your relationship ending is devastating, you may need to change that framework.

You have to reshape your heartbreak. Stop seeing it as the end of your happiness. Instead, turn it into a challenge; see it as an opportunity.

Heart failure can leave you feeling worthless and hopeless. However, this is because the frame you are using is too tight. Learning to see your situation in a different way is a wonderful release.


The following exercise will help you look at your circumstances from different angles so that you can gain useful insights.

1. Now think about breaking up your relationship. What are the judgments or generalizations you have made about yourself and your ex?

2. Now think of someone you admire - a character from a story or a real friend.

Imagine you are watching a movie that shows this suffering part of your life and you are now stepping into the person's shoes and watching the movie out of their eyes.

Imagine what their comment would be.

3. Now imagine that a neutral observer is looking at the film of your life. Now step into his shoes and watch from there.

4. Pay close attention to the differences that you see from every point of view!

Which ones are helpful?

Which ones do you feel better about? You can now use these perspectives to see your relationship in a new light.

People who survive difficulties seldom see what happened to them as a disaster. You design it as a challenge.

It's a point of view. E.t is not what happens to us, but how we interpret it, determines the result for us.


In the next step, focus on the mental picture of your lost love. By changing how you portray your ex in your head, you can significantly reduce or even eliminate your stress.

You have to learn to control your "visualization". Each of us makes pictures in our minds - and we can all learn to change the pictures.

It is important to learn this for our body reacts to what we imagine in the same way as to what actually happens to us.

Memory and imagination influence our feelings just like reality.

We are constantly changing our state through the pictures, that we do in our imagination and the way we talk to ourselves.

It is therefore important to control these images and not let them run away with our feelings.


1.Now answer the following question!

Which side of your front door is the lock on? To answer, you need to get an idea of ​​the door. You just made a visualization for yourself.

2. Now try to imagine what your front door would look like if it were striped bright orange or yellow.

Make them bigger.

Move it away so that it gets smaller.

Move it further away and down so that you are facing it. Open the door. Now change the whole thing in different ways.

3.Now think about your ex!

Once you remember what someone looks like, you start using visualization.

What's the look on his or her face? Watch her / him, what is she / he wearing? and what is she / he doing?

Where do you see the picture of him / her?

In front of you or left or right?

Is it life size or smaller?

Is it a movie or a still?

Is it solid or transparent?

Now, as you keep this picture in mind, notice the feelings that arise. Make a note of these feelings.

4.Now you can get down to work and bring him or her into a new memory with the difficult feelings.

You can now imagine that you are a great film director. You can re-record the scenes of your memory and your imagination in any way you want.

You can change the action, the soundtrack, the lighting, the camera angles, the picture setting, the focus and the speed.

Change how you visualize your ex and notice how she / he affects your feelings.

5. Now think about the picture you have of your ex!

6. Pay close attention to where it appears and how big it is!

7. Now let the paint off until it looks like an old black and white picture!

8. Now move the picture further away until it is a tenth of the original size!

9. Shrink it even further to a little black dot!

10. Observe how your feelings have changed and compare how you feel now with the note you made before!

You will find that some changes have a bigger impact than others. Images that are closer, larger, brighter, and more colorful have a stronger emotional intensity than images that are darker, smaller, and further away.

If they are outside of your memories and you watch as if you were in a movie, you can distance yourself from them.


Now you can tackle the central problem with visualization technology.

Part of the broken heart is due to the fact that you still feel in love. It hurts because part of you is still attached to your ex.

This exercise will help that part of you solve itself!

1. Name five times you have fallen in love with your ex. List them so that you can easily remember them!

2. Start with the first of these memories! Play with it! Move the picture away from you so that you can see yourself in the picture! Make it small

3. Let the color change to black and white and make it transparent!

When you look at your memory like this, it seems like the event was happening to another person and the emotional intensity is reduced even further.

You are now starting to recode your memory

4. When you've re-encoded the first memory, do the same for the next! Work your way through until you finish all five!

5. Now, remember in detail five negative experiences you had with your ex that made you feel repulsed by him or her. List the five experiences!

6. Now take the least appealing memory and return fully to that moment. Try to experience it again now!

7. Now turn the color and clarity to high performance. Make the memory as bright and clear as possible and experience the feelings stronger and stronger!

8. Now go through your ex-partner's other four negative memories and relive them. Keep doing this until you even think about thinking about her!

If you keep thinking about the bad experiences, the negative memories combine so that there is no space between them for feelings, longing and regrets.

Focus on the exercise and do it methodically. Some people have found that doing this only makes them feel it once. To make sure the effect lasts, do the exercise at least once a day for two weeks. I am sure it will change completely.


In the next step, you will learn to better understand your emotional reactions. Your heartbreak feelings are unlikely to go away if you can't cope with what they are trying to tell you.

An emotion is like someone knocking on your door to deliver a message. If you don't open it, she'll keep knocking until it opens.

If you are opening the door to your feelings, you have to learn to understand them. This can be difficult because other feelings make heartbreak worse: anger, fear, and shame.


You could fall into the trap of believing that your ex is the only person you can ever love. However, this is unlikely on a planet with seven billion people.

Why do you think that? Could it be that you are desperately trying to see this relationship is over? Or are you afraid that the feelings associated with your broken heart will never end?

This fear makes you anxious, and it will only make you feel bad for longer.

The burden of your heart has grown heavier and a vicious circle has been established.


A great way to empower yourself - and deal with complicated emotions - is to envision a bright future.

Let's do an exercise right now:

1. Now imagine the future as a corridor in front of you. Imagine you are walking towards a door in the future from the present.

2. Open the door now and see behind it a world in which you have recovered from your heartbreaking relationship.

3. Look carefully at how you look, what you are wearing, where you are going, what you are doing! Take a good look at your happy "you".

4. Now step into this new world and into your happy "you". Look through the eyes of your happy "you" now and experience the whole experience from within, see what you see, hear what you hear, and feel how good and happy things are now.

It's not about believing that the picture is real: imagine it as vividly as possible.

Another personal suggestion for you!

There is a part of you that is particularly affected when it comes to heartbreak. With this part you can connect and come back with yourself in love and peace.

The part is called the inner childFrom my experience this is one of the most important keys to bring peace and love back to our hearts.

If you want to explore the subject further, download my free e-book below.


To heal a broken heart, there is often a lot of catching up to do in emotional learning.

Take a little time. Your subconscious will protect you and give you peace and quiet so you can move on to the next step.

You will learn to step out of the memories, leave them behind and start a new life.

Do not let yourself be influenced by the mind and its recurring stories. Take enough time to do the exercises.

It is best to speak to the visualizations on a mobile phone and listen to them with your eyes closed.

I have already carried out this visualization technique with many clients and after a short time all of them have experienced a significant improvement in the system. Regular implementation will ultimately determine your success.

So, that's it from me about the subject of "heartbreak" and I wish you good thoughts for the future, and that you manage to change your bad feelings and thereby find more happiness and freedom in your life.

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