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The quarterback luxury edition

Doesn't work - doesn't exist! The Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers is the NFL's most complete quarterback - and could double his titles and MVP awards this year. Too bad that on Sunday (9:05 p.m. in LIVE-TICKER) it will be against the feared opponent from Seattle. SPOX sheds light on the 31-year-old's career, which now even overshadows that of Packers legend Brett Favre.

Wisconsin is a place to eat. The state in the snowy north of the USA is famous for its tasty sausages, no other produces so much cheese. Accordingly, the proportion of overweight people is a slim 66 percent.

Wisconsin loves football. Especially in Green Bay on Lake Michigan: The Packers are the only NFL franchise that is not privately owned. Instead, the team belongs to the city - and fans wait an average of several decades for an available season ticket. With 13 titles, four of them in the Super Bowl era, "Title Town" is way ahead of the competition.

When you combine these passions, the menu at Lambeau Field suddenly has a 1.6 kilogram burger. With bacon, beef, game, onion rings, a little greens, lots of cheese - and even more bacon. The name of the $ 20 monstrosity served in the Divisional Round against the Dallas Cowboys: "Big Game Burger".

Fits quite well with the current quarterback.

Ingenious routine

He played another strong game against the guests from Texas and played 317 yards and three touchdowns at 26:21 - of course without interception. Despite a painful calf injury that has plagued him for weeks and severely restricts his mobility, he literally took the opponent apart after the break. "His appearance in the second half, it couldn't be better," said Head Coach Mike McCarthy.

The Packers' offense: "A bit of freestyle"

What the spoiled fans in the home stadium are now used to: The 31-year-old has not made a pick there since 2012. With 506 passes, including 41 touchdowns. Of course, the Packers were undefeated at home last season. Rodgers is so good that genius becomes routine for him.

Career start on the bank

That was not always so. Because when the young quarterback, who grew up in California and went to college, was drafted by the Packers in 2005, the star of Packers legend Brett Favre was shining there. And despite his almost 36 years, he had absolutely no desire to be sidelined. And certainly not an apprentice. "In my contract there is nothing that I have to prepare Aaron Rodgers for the NFL," etched the "Gunslinger" to "ESPN". “I don't have to help anyone at all.

Rodgers, who some had even traded as a potential top pick, took his place on the bench two years behind Favre. When he withdrew from the end of his career at short notice after the 2006 season, it turned into a third year, although he had already been promised a starting place. "I would be lying if I said it wasn't a big mental hurdle," he admitted in the summer of 2007. "Now I hardly have any chance of playing time again."

Nevertheless, the number 12 years later had to admit that it also had advantages not to be immediately thrown into the deep end. He worked hard on his fitness, his technique - and learned from one of the greats. Took over its strengths, but avoided its weaknesses.

Simple formula of victory

Because wherever Favre, totally a gunslinger, put on a lot of interceptions in addition to countless touchdowns - a proud 336 picks in his career - his successor acts more deliberately and attaches particular importance to avoiding turnover at all costs. "He's doing everything he can to keep the ball in our possession," said Rodgers' favorite receiver Jordy Nelson. "In every game he says, 'If we don't have a turnover, we'll win', which is usually true."

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The numbers are impressive: only twice in seven years as a starter came a double-digit number of interceptions, since 2011 there have been fewer than seven per season. For comparison: Peyton Manning has twelve per season over the same period, Tom Brady has an average of ten. No quarterback in NFL history was as careful with football as Rodgers.

Which team will win the Super Bowl 2017/18?

The perfect quarterback?

But that's only part of what Rodgers under Center is all about. It is the QB complete package, fully equipped, luxury edition. 1.88 meters tall, athletic, agile, nimble. He's got Brady's fastball, Joe Flacco's arm, Russell Wilson's ability to suddenly slip away and get a first down. Nobody fires his passports as quickly and precisely as Rodgers, even outside the pocket, on the run from pass rushers.

This is one of the reasons why the 2011 MVP (45 TDs, 6 INTs!) Is already regarded as one of the best quarterbacks of all time - and he could very well play for another seven years. His Wikipedia page lists 41 NFL records, and statistically no one has sold so well in the first 100 games. "Where are we headed? Hopefully I can hold that level," says Rodgers. "I think I've set the bar pretty high, and that's where I want to be judged."

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