Why is Bolivia a poor country

Bolivia in poverty

Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in South America. In 2011 over 60% lived below the poverty line. The gap between rich and poor is huge. What leads to this unjust distribution? What solutions are there?

Bolivia has many natural resources, but has long been considered the poorest and least exportable country on the continent. Poverty is particularly high in rural areas and child labor is the order of the day. The dependence of income on origin is particularly striking here; poverty mainly affects them Indigenous peoplewhereas the whites mostly belong to the upper class. But what are the causes of such a high level of poverty, despite the country's existing potential?

As already mentioned, indigenous peoples in particular are severely affected by poverty. This is mainly due to the fact that they are still disadvantaged in society. Most children are very motivated to improve their living conditions and want to go to school. But the opportunities to escape poverty through education are very limited due to the poor education system. The supply of food and the hygienic conditions are often inadequate. As a result, people are very weak and despite the will to change something, they are physically unable to do so. Another cause is rural exodus due to rural poverty. Many children who experience violence or poverty at home flee to the city and live there on the streets. The government faces a big problem here.

Even if Bolivia is still very poor, there have been positive changes in recent years. President Evo Morales, who was elected in 2006, also contributed to this. He is the first indigenous head of state and thus sets an example for equality. Evo Morales promised to build a communitarian and socialist economic model. He wanted to build a state-controlled economic policy by nationalizing natural resources, redistributing income and regulating the price of food. This policy has so far had a positive effect on the overall situation in Bolivia.



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