Can I legally do web scraping?

What is web scraping?

That is scraping not always legal, and scrapers must first of all consider the copyrights of a website. For some web shops and providers, web scraping has negative consequences. B. by aggregators the ranking of a page suffers. It is not uncommon for a company to take legal action against a comparison portal in order to prevent web scraping. In such a case, however, the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court decided in 2009 that an airline must allow scraping through comparison portals because their information is ultimately freely accessible. However, the airline has the option of installing technical measures to prevent scraping.

So scraping is then legal, if the extracted data is freely accessible to third parties on the web. In order to be legally on the safe side, you should consider the following when using web scraping:

  • The copyright view and adhere to. If data is protected by copyright, then it must not be published elsewhere.
  • Site operators have the right to install technical processesthat prevent the web scraping. These must not be bypassed.
  • When using data with a User registration or a license agreement then this data must not be scraped.
  • The Hide advertising, general terms of use or disclaimers through scraping technology is not permitted.

Although scraping is permitted in many cases, it can certainly be misused for destructive or even illegal purposes. For example, the technology is often used for Spam used. Spammers can use it to B. Collect email addresses and send spam emails to these recipients.