Why does China have cheap prescription glasses

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  • Moin Moin, today I went to the optician to inquire about prices for sliding glasses.
    When I heard the prices, I had to be revived
    Everyone should make money. But for a pair of gliding glasses around 800.00 € is quite sporty (frame portion 35.00 €)
    We will be traveling in the Baltic States for 8 weeks from May. I plan to take a look around there.
    Has anyone already had experience in this regard?

    Nice greetings from the far north

  • Hello Gorbi,

    I can't tell you what it looks like in the Baltic States or with varifocals. But I want to throw comparable empirical values ​​into the room. My wife is Polish and has always had her glasses made in Poland. She has had glasses made several times in Poland during the time she is now living in Germany.
    The cost of two ordinary glasses last time was around 800 złoty. As things stand, that's less than 190 euros. As I said, for two glasses. Conveniently, the glasses were also ready much faster than it would be with us.
    But the other side is that of course she has no communication problems and knew the optician before. This doesn't make it cheaper, but of course it makes things easier.

  • I don't know what it looks like in other European countries. I just heard that most of the lenses you get in Germany are made in Hong Kong. If you go to the optician there, you can get the same glasses not only much faster (within hours) but also much cheaper.
    Even if that won't help you much now ...

  • I had to have two pairs of glasses made for me with exactly the same values ​​within 10 months - the first one from an optician (who does not belong to any chain), the price for the lenses only is 1,200 euros. Premium glasses, super anti-reflective, photochromic, varifocal.
    I was not satisfied with the frame (another 200 euros extra). I constantly saw the attachment points through the glasses, even after 4 weeks ... then glasses with a larger diameter were ordered. The view is now great but the glasses are so big that I struggle with fogging in warmer weather or hit the lower edge of the glass with the slightest facial expression ... and I'm not fat! : - ((. The optician was not ready to make improvements.

    Then I went to an optician for the first time who is self-employed but belongs to a large chain. I paid for the glasses from the same premium manufacturer, but without the phototrope. only 450 euros and I am extremely satisfied. That was a special offer "2 glasses for the price of one".

    I use the photochromic glasses as sunglasses, the other one I wear otherwise.

    By the way, the optician wasn't F. . . ..n.

    Because of the service, I would always have glasses, teeth and hearing aids made in Germany, if possible at home.

  • I once had varifocals made in Thailand and at the beginning I couldn't cope with what I later wrote about my old glasses that I still wore on the beach as sunglasses and later turned out to be wrong (high UVA rays), and it was also a matter of my head because I didn't trust the new glasses. When I got home I put the old glasses away and lo and behold, suddenly all the complaints I had in Thailand were gone and I was able to wear these glasses for a very long time, and at the moment these are still functional spare glasses to this day.
    I also thought about getting new glasses made in Hungary in the thermal bath Papa in the village of the same name and at the campsites there are offers for dentists and opticians who work seriously and can be used at any time. Mostly German is spoken there and the service is very good.
    I still go to the dentist in Switzerland, but I always have new glasses abroad if the optician seems serious to me and you can communicate. If necessary with an interpreter if one is available.

  • Thank you for your answers. Will now also tackle that. We will be in Poland, Lithuania,
    Latvia and Estonia. Will then make a "report" in due course.

    Nice greetings from the far north!

  • Hello,

    my glasses have been from China for years; not just since I've lived here. Before that, I gave my husband the prescription with my (eye) data, photos of the frames I wanted - and then the glasses are created within 1-2 hours: either in the Silkmarket or in the glasses department store. Allegedly now also in the Pearlmarket. Costs: varifocals 800-1000 RMB incl. Frame (100-130 euros) - and that for the best anti-reflective, thinnest glass currently available. Many of our visitors now have their glasses made here.

    My husband once had a hanger adjusted by a German optician. The optician first made disparaging comments about Chinese products - but then couldn't say which glasses are made in Germany and which are glasses made in China.

    Now you are going to the Baltic States and not to China - but I think I would inquire there.

    In the worst case, you have replacement glasses in the right strength for a small price when it really should go wrong - but why should it?

    LG Lin

    Blog: ombidombi.de

    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    (Dylan Thomas)

  • Hello Lin,
    Unfortunately, China is difficult to reach by motorhome.
    Could you send the values ​​determined by the ophthalmologist .....
    Wouldn't that be a business idea for you?

    Nice greetings from the far north!

  • In the worst case, you have replacement glasses in the right strength at a low price when it really goes wrong

    that's exactly how you should see it!

  • Hello,

    No, that's too hot for me as a business idea - I don't have a work permit here.

    But I can do a personal favor - PM if necessary.

    Blog: ombidombi.de

    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    (Dylan Thomas)

  • Well then me too ... attention is getting longer!

    I've had varifocals for 9 years now. The first varifocal at the optician's, whom we have been going to for many years, was super okay after an adjustment correction on my nose. Never even had any problems, not even with stairs. In November 2017 I thought I needed new glasses. Not because the eyesight has changed, but simply because it was totally scratched. Riding a motorcycle with an open helmet is not exactly beneficial. So I contacted my optician. Hmmm, so in terms of quality with all the zips and zaps, we are between 800 and 1000 euros.

    Act 1
    That has to be cheaper and that is where my odyssey began. F *** man shone through bad advice, at least this time. We have already experienced differently than my wife once asked for advice. Then I ended up at Ap *** o on the advice of a friend. Advice 1A, first glasses broken while fitting. No problem, let's do it again. Second glasses; Visual result well…. You have to get used to it first. After all, it's varifocal. Have varifocals for 7 years! Nevertheless, it always takes getting used to. Well then let's get used to it. After 3 patient weeks: Ne people, that doesn't work that way. Ok, we measure the eyes again in a rested state and lo and behold the result was different, so new glasses Oh yes, it cost 530 € including glasses insurance. New glasses arrive just before Christmas and oh wonder I can see again as I was used to. Then I go for a walk with my wife on the second day of Christmas and what do I notice? It does not tint (self-tinting glasses) outside. But I had ordered. So on December 27th. straight back to the branch and asked for the money back. I just didn't feel like it anymore. That went without any problems.

    Act 2
    My mother, and she is really difficult, has been going to an optician in the neighboring town for years and is very satisfied there. So I went there. Advice class, and also two for one price offer. So let's try it. Priced just above Ap *** o, we'll see. Less than a week later you can see me happy. Everything fits as it should be straight away, just a specialist optician. The price, however, including a Rodenstock super-light noble frame, was a good 800 €. You don't treat yourself to anything else ...

    3rd act
    My dear, long-term confidante had mega-bad eyes. -11.5 and -13.5 so practically blind as a mole. The inclined reader will remember the consultation with f *** men where my wife was honestly told: We are out of the bad eyes. You have to go to an optician. Now it is with old people that at some point they have a cataract and that was no different with my wife. Two operating theaters, two artificial lenses and the girl can see like a teenager. Well, at least because you don't go from so mega-bad to zero, but install an artificial lens with 2.5 diopters. Otherwise the head does not play along, but this third act is only to explain the next.

    4th act
    Now, after the operation, she also needed new varifocals last autumn. Due to my enthusiasm for the optician in the neighboring town, we will of course be there again. My wife, whether her new eyes are completely happy, and how women are like that, it can be a little more right away. She immediately orders two new glasses. You want to be able to change clothes to match. Since your old glasses, due to the extreme eyesight, had the equivalent of a small car that was no longer very young, you can now afford two glasses for the same money. And I thought it would be cheaper from now on ...

    5th act
    Collection of the new glasses. First nose bike put on and fits like a glove. I can really feel their happiness. Unfortunately, the second pair of glasses doesn't fit that well, it doesn't feel as good when you see it as with the first. So you miss and check, but you can't find anything. Back to the manufacturer, is checked. He doesn't find anything either. They agree to send both glasses back and check them again together. After almost a week, both glasses are back and my wife can see equally well with both. Chapeau!
    What was? With the second one, the glasses were made again and at the other tolerance limit.
    Explanation for the ignorant
    Just like in metal construction, there you have dimensions such as 20 ± 0.3. That means I can manufacture the part with a dimension between 19.7 and 20.3mm. Of course, there are tolerances in glass production too, there is no other way. Now, for example, the first pair of glasses has been manufactured at tolerance 20.3 and the second has been manufactured by another colleague at tolerance 19.7. For the eye, especially in direct comparison, these can be worlds.

    Summary of the whole:
    Many words for little input You can be lucky or unlucky. If you have screwed up eyes, I would rather refrain from an optician who is physically far away. With 'ner 08/15 single vision glasses, I would have fewer concerns. Of course it is always a question of how much money one sinks in the worst case. So I don't want to discredit foreign opticians at all, I just want to point out that there may be a need for proper improvement. And I don't want to screw up my eyes, which are no longer so good anyway, with glasses that may not be optimal.

    With best regards from Hagen
    André and Susanne

    on the road with B-MC T600

    A "soon" should be turned into a "now" much more often before it becomes a "never" ...

  • just ..... play it safe and visit an optician nearby!

    In addition, for many people it is a popular hobby horse to buy as cheaply as possible, which can not go well.
    Once you have serious health problems you are more careful with yourself.

    I have just had such an experience because I have not been able to walk for months because of osteoarthritis and have to take a lot of painkillers so that the joint is not destroyed any further. For a few days now I've been doing a special therapy with an orthopedic surgeon, which - to put it mildly - seems to work. The high costs that I have to bear alone (although a private patient) are completely irrelevant to me at the moment, the main thing is that I can walk again. I should have done that much earlier ...... my frugality was unfortunately a bit in the way ...!