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Yahoo Together: New app for group chats

Oath has introduced a successor to Yahoo Messenger, which was discontinued in the summer: Yahoo Together (formerly Squirrel). The new app is primarily intended for group chats and is intended to make organizational and planning tasks easier. Conversations can be broken down by topic. The user can mute messages that are not so important in order not to lose sight of the essentials.

If the individual members chat about several things in parallel in the family chat, it quickly becomes confusing and important information is lost. Together wants to ensure more order in the chat chaos with "intelligent tools". The chat partners can further subdivide the conversations into individual topics within the groups. Irrelevant can be muted. In secret chats, selected users can ponder mom's birthday present together.

Together as a calendar replacement

In addition, users can easily exchange photos and videos via Together. Any files can be added to a common group library. A search function helps to find specific files and messages. A clever reminder function provides information about important appointments: every group member is notified by the app when important things are pending. Together wants to make a common calendar superfluous.

Yahoo had retired its old Messenger after more than 20 years. The successor Together, which has now been presented, will not have it easy, however, as it competes with strong services such as Slack or Discord. Together is still missing the one special feature that would set the chat app apart from the other messengers. The free chat app is now available for Android and iOS.


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