What's wrong with Nibiru

A clip has emerged that is supposed to show the mysterious "Planet X", also known as "Nibiru". The apocalypse is said to be looming. That's what NASA says about it.

mNASA statement on "Nibiru": An "Internet whack"

Update from December 17, 2018: Some additional information on the subject of "Nibiru", which is currently haunted by the net. The all-clear has been given. And already for a long time. The US space agency NASA announced that there was no evidence of a "planet X". No other serious astronomer knows anything about the imminent end of the world, which is said to be caused by Nibiru. The US space agency has made a number of statements denying the existence of Nibiru: "Nibiru does not exist," says a NASA statement. “So there will be no collision. The story (of Nibiru) has existed for years and is regularly recycled into new apocalyptic fables. "

And one more thing: “Nibiru and other stories about stubborn planets are oneInternet fraud, there is no factual basis for this. "

Nick Pope, British journalist and former UFO expert for the British government, said in an interview with the English newspaper telegraph: “I am sure that Nibiru does not exist. If there really is a planet heading for Earth, it would now be visible to the naked eye. ”The 53-year-old also explained that an approaching planet would lead to effects of gravity on other planets in the solar system, which astronomers do so far could not determine.

One can tick off Meade's warning of the end of the world (see below) as a pseudoscientific conspiracy theory - or as a lucrative business. Pope said people should worry about other things, like Iran's acquisition of nuclear weapons or North Korean missiles.

According to Meade, Nibiru had to cause the end of the world on April 23, 2018, among other things.

Video is supposed to show the planet "Nibiru" which is supposed to wipe us out

Our original article:

Munich - Rumors of the end of the world keep making the rounds, especially online. In 2017, US author and Christian numerologist David Meade predicted in a book that April (and then October) 2017 would wipe the earth out. "Planet X - The 2017 Arrival". So there should be a collision with another planet.

This planet X is called "Nibiru". It is said to be a planet that orbits the sun in an orbit around 3600 years. According to other theories, it is a "brown dwarf".

Video: Who is behind the stories from Planet X / Niburu?

Video is supposed to show the planet "Nibiru", which is supposed to wipe us out

A questionable video that is circulating on YouTube is said to show the arrival of "Planet X". The picture was taken on a beach. You can see how a large object appears next to the sun in the sky.

"Nibiru": How did the conspiracy theory about the so-called "Planet X" come about?

Conspiracy theories about this mysterious planet have been around for more than two decades. The online chatter about Nibiru began in 1995 when Wisconsin-born Nancy Lieder launched the Alien Conspiracy website ZetaTalk created. Lieder claimed to be a channel for aliens from the Zeta Reticuli star system, approximately 39.17 light years from Earth. Aliens are said to have warned the American of the Nibiru disaster.

A few years later, the theory was also confirmed by David Meade.

Will “Nibiru” bring the end of the world? End of mankind has been forecast several times

Apart from 2017, the end of mankind has been forecast several times in the past few years. According to this, the world should have come to an end twice within a month in 2015. Once a so-called dimension gate should have opened even during the Oktoberfest. According to the Mayan calendar, the world should have ended in 2012 as well. Nothing happened. Back then, NASA made fun of the apocalypse prophesied by the Maya.

(In the meantime, an alleged Trump tweet was embedded in this article, but it turned out to be satire)