Do you believe in Angels Soulmates

Chapter 13

After 3 more rounds, in which I didn't manage to gain the upper hand once, I was completely exhausted. Instead, Ben wasn't even out of breath.

"I think that's enough for today, don't you think?", Nodding, I lay on the mat, breathing heavily - lost in my own sweat. With one skillful movement, Ben pulled me to my feet.

"Boy, Benton, I didn't think I'd get you out of breath that easily - at least not in that way."

"Hold it back, Ben." Exhausted, I drained my water and changed.

The evening was cool and clear and I breathed the night air deep into my lungs. On the way back to the dormitory, the complete tiredness returned and hit like a bomb. Everything felt so heavy and I already knew that I would feel the training in my muscles for a few more days.

Ben ran next to me and on the entire way back he didn't say a single word. It was only when I went to the girls' wing that he cleared his throat.

"Hey, I hope you don't leave your training feeling too bad. For the first time it wasn't that bad and think about it, I've been training at the academy for almost 3 years now, when it was actually clear that you had no chance against me. You even hit me once so- "

"Ben, I understand what you want to say, but I feel kind of weird when you try to cheer me up.", I laughed.

Ben fell silent and nodded to me again.

I had already turned my back on him when he called after me again

"Wait a minute again!" , he scratched his head embarrassed and the golden glow of the lantern was reflected in his green eyes.

"I'm free of storms next week and I'm going to have a little party. Nothing big, just hanging out with friends a bit. So if you feel like it ..."

"Ben, I don't know if that's such a good idea. I mean, we're not really friends yet."

"But that really hurt my feelings now, Benton."

Actually, I would have had a quick-witted answer ready, but I just wanted to go to bed and another sarcastic discussion with Ben would only prolong the matter unnecessarily.

So I just pouted and turned around.

"Your brother is coming too, and if you want me to, you can bring along the two chaos you always hang out with."

I just rolled my eyes and opened the dorm door.

"Good night Ben!"

"Hey think about it, you will piss them off, my parties are legendary!" It was kind of funny how he insisted.

"I don't think so, sleep well!" then the door slammed and there was finally silence.

A small smile was on my lips as I walked down the hall. A party with Ben and his arrogant friends? It was more bearable to jump into a lake full of nymphs.