Which Indian phones support international SIM cards

A phone setup for frequent international travel


You could have a dual sim phone.

A Sim serves the European countries, because with the new roaming regulations you can use the mobile services as you are in your home country. If you are a Dane the only problem is that Dutch customers pay an extra charge to call you and text you.

The other Sim could be an Australian SIM card. Your customers do not pay any additional costs as they call a local number. They pay extra money to call them outside of Australia. But to be honest, I don't think there would be a service that wouldn't cost you an extra charge if you wanted to call another continent.

If you want a single number, it's not free for everyone.


This is my current option (dual SIM and a Danish and an Australian SIM card). And it confuses people. It is not intuitive which number to dial and when. And sometimes texts are received - sometimes not.


There are several companies that offer worldwide coverage with unlimited (or nearly unlimited) data, texts and calls at no additional cost, e.g. B. Google Fi or T-Mobile.
These offers depend on the country in which you buy them. So look for the countries where you can find the best deal.

If your concern is mainly about incoming calls / texts, you can also set up a Google voice account or something similar from other providers and forward them to you.


You must live in the United States for Google Fi to work. I haven't seen T-Mobile shops in either Denmark or Australia. And a couple of googles didn't help me. When I download Google Voice I just get the error: "Google Voice is not available in your country" (I am currently in Australia). The best option I've seen so far is to use 3 (the company). They have a "roam-like-home" option that I can use in Australia and Denmark for the same prices. However, I can only register for it from Denmark.