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Nam makes Vietnamese food regional and sustainable

When you enter the Do, you can see at first glance that the Vietnamese restaurant is something special. It is stylishly and authentically furnished, the employees smile at you friendly and you quickly get into conversation with Nam, the founder of the small shop in Dresden Pieschen.

Sustainable and regional

What you don't see at first glance is the 28-year-old's attitude: when he opened the restaurant in April 2017, it was clear to him that he didn't just want to open a Vietnamese restaurant: it should be sustainable and regional. In the beginning, he was always laughed at by the competition - he didn't care. Born in Dresden, he knows that sustainability is simply contemporary and that he wants to do something good, which is why he dealt with the topic a lot even before the restaurant opened.

Nam actually comes from a completely different corner: Before he opened the Dô together with his brother, he worked in a tax office. There he accompanied many company start-ups, 90% of them from the catering industry. He was always interested in good food and then by chance he found out that the shop on Leipziger Strasse was about to become vacant. Although he actually had other plans and was about to move to Hamburg for a job, he decided to take the chance and just get started.

The food in the Dô is classic Vietnamese. Nam got the recipes from his family. But he gets most of the ingredients from the area and, where possible, organic. Everything is freshly prepared in the kitchen. And you can taste it! That's why we've been regulars for quite a while and spend at least one lunch break a week at the Dô. If you want to take something with you, you can get it in compostable “eco-packaging” made from sugar cane. And if you bring your own can, you get a discount.

The Dô is more than just a restaurant

But mostly people stay in the store to eat. And not only to eat, many also just come to chat, tell Nam about their lives and sign off when they are on vacation for a while. Not only the customers feel the special atmosphere in his shop. The Dô staff are also satisfied. You are like his family, he says. And for him that is also part of a sustainable corporate philosophy. Nam involves them and supports them - and they are proud that the restaurant attaches great importance to sustainability.

What Nam wants is more appreciation for the value of a chef's food and craft; that people understand that good food comes at a price that is also worth paying. His many regular customers from all over Dresden are already doing this and show him that his idea is working. So if you live in Dresden or are visiting, pay the Dô a visit! We love the food there and can make a clear recommendation here!