What craft do you like to do


Furniture, interior fittings, windows, doors, stairs

In many carpentry and joinery companies you build furniture and entire interior fittings, for example kitchens. Your task is then to respond to individual customer requests and to implement your own designs in coordination with the customer. You can do your best with your creativity. The final installation at the customer is also one of your tasks.

Other companies have specialized in the production of windows, doors or stairs. You can even build winter gardens. In short: there is almost nothing to do with living that you as a carpenter cannot design and implement yourself. You will work with modern machines, some of which are even computer-controlled. However, that doesn't mean that the quality of your workmanship suffers. On the contrary: technology makes you even more productive in your job.

With hands and heads
As a carpenter, you need two things above all: skilled hands and technical understanding. A huge portion of imagination and clever ideas are also required. Used correctly, you can use these skills to create individually designed works of lasting value. Your work fills you with pride and gives your customers long-lasting joy. So if you like to work with natural materials and want to realize yourself, then this is exactly the right profession for you - regardless of whether you call yourself a carpenter or a carpenter.