Why was Oracle called Oracle

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  • Transparent data encryption

    Transparent data encryption (TDE) prevents possible attackers from circumventing the database and reading confidential information directly from the memory. This is achieved by forcing data-at-rest encryption in the database layer.

  • Virtual private database

    Oracle Virtual Private Database (VPD) provides an interface through which PL / SQL packages are linked to application tables. The PL / SQL package calculates a predicate or "where" clause that is automatically appended to incoming SQL statements and restricts access to rows and columns within the table.

  • Real application security

    Oracle Real Application Security (RAS) offers a declarative model with security policies that not only include the protected business objects, but also the principals (users and roles) who are authorized to edit the business objects. With Oracle RAS, users are authenticated in both the application tier and the database. Depending on the permissions assigned to a user or role, different operations (select, insert, update, delete) can be performed on the rows and columns of the database objects. In addition, out-of-the-box integration with Oracle APEX eliminates the need for custom development to back up application data.

  • Database auditing

    Auditing is always about accountability and is often done to secure information stored in databases and to protect privacy. Concerns about privacy policies and measures have grown with the ubiquitous use of databases in businesses and on the Internet. Oracle Database provides comprehensive auditing that enables system administrators to quickly and easily implement advanced protection, early detection of suspicious activity, and optimized security solutions.