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Dr. Bernadette Maryann Rostenkowski-Wolowitz is a main character from The Big Bang Theory. She is the wife of Howard and the mother of his daughter Halley and son Neil Michael Wolowitz. She works as a microbiologist.


Bernadette seems like a reserved and thoughtful person, but can also be different when she is with Howard and his mother, or drinks alcohol. She is always smiling, even when she feels uncomfortable or disagrees with the ideas of her friends.
Bernadette is a bad liar because she was driven out of lying in Catholic school, as she explains in an episode.
Apparently she interferes less in other people's relationships than Penny, although she still supports her friend, e.g. as Penny cannot cope with the relationship between Priya and Leonard. Nevertheless, you can see from Bernadette that she is easily annoyed by Penny's gossip.
Many different behavioral patterns can be recognized in Bernadette. Most noticeable is their behavior around Howard or his mother. She then starts screaming like Howard's mother when she has a conversation with either of them. It goes so far that Howard is inclined to call Bernadette "Mom" for a while, although luckily he can always correct himself before he has finished speaking.


Bernadette was raised strictly Catholic in her childhood. Her parents were very conservative. Furthermore, her father was a police officer and her mother ran an illegal day-care center, which seems quite paradoxical.
She meets the group when she meets Penny. At first she is a new colleague who finances her studies with the help of the job in the "Cheesecake Factory".
Penny sets her up with Howard, whom she later marries. She is integrated into the group and becomes better friends with Penny and Amy. During the episode "Tears on Valentine's Day" it is announced that Howard's Bernadette is pregnant. In the episode "The Positive Negative Reaction", Bernadette Howard reported the great news. The baby was also mentioned in the episode "The Seduction Artist" when Bernadette finally went into labor in the episode "The Property Distribution Problem" and was taken to a hospital. The baby saw the light of day in the episode "Always for a Birthday", the gender and name of the baby were mentioned.



She began her relationship with him in "The Man Who Loved His Grandma". Penny paired them up. At first, Howard didn't want a committed relationship with her because she wasn't sexy enough for him. However, he realized that he would never meet a woman like her again and changed his mind, so the two become a couple. However, she catches him red-handed once when he has cybersex in the online game WoW, whereupon they split up for a short time, but they find each other again. Later he makes her a marriage proposal, which she accepts. The two get married shortly before his flight into space on the roof of the house where Sheldon, Leonard and Penny live. Bernadette is always worried about her "Howie", so she reveals to his mother that Howard will fly into space in the hope that she will prevent it.
Howard always wants her to move in with him and his mother. She refuses, however, until Howard really decides to move in with her, pitying his mother with heart disease. Although he had originally planned to change Bernadette's mind, he regrets it when she really decides to move in with him and his mother. Her voice becomes similar to Howard's mother when she is angry, which seems to irritate Howard. During the episode "Tears on Valentine's Day", Bernadette and Howard found a nearly drowned rabbit in their hot tub and treated it. When Bernadette was still busy with the rabbit and Howard took care of something else and thus left the garden, Bernadette whispered to the rabbit that she would have to find another time to tell him that she was pregnant. In the episode "The Positive Negative Reaction", Bernadette Howard reported the great news. At first Howard seemed overwhelmed with the responsibility of a child, but in the end he was happy, as Bernadette could hardly wait. In the episode "Always for a Birthday" their child was born.


Penny has known Bernadette the longest of all. They are very good friends and often go out with Amy. Penny paired Howard and Bernadette, but still tries to talk Bernadette out of her husband and to look for someone else, which doesn't work.
Bernadette is the first point of contact for Penny and helps her when she is in a bad mood. It seems like she's admiring Penny, much like a high school beauty in school. She also acts as a conscience for Penny in certain situations, along with Amy, who speaks directly what Bernadette thinks.
Bernadette and Penny have a deeper friendship than the friendships with Amy, although Amy does not notice it.


Amy's friends with Bernadette because of Penny. In her admiration for Penny, Amy unwittingly spoils Bernadette, which Bernadette takes with composure and does not go into it deeper. But you can tell that she understands it exactly and reacts to it, it is difficult to say how much it offends her.
Despite the fact that Amy sees Bernadette as competition for her friendship with Penny and it seems like Amy tolerates Bernadette more than she likes, Bernadette asks Amy to be her maid of honor, which makes Amy very happy.
Otherwise Amy annoys Bernadette and Penny and irritates them both with their distorted image of friendly activities among women. Still, the two of them seem to like to have Amy around and feel bad when they hurt their friend.


She also maintains a good friendship with Leonard, which initially makes Howard jealous. She is very interested in Leonard's experiments and once said that if she wasn't a microbiologist, she would have studied physics. But she no longer sees Leonard as a friend, which means that the situation relaxes again after initial difficulties. When Leonard is with Priya, she and Howard spend a lot of time with the couple, because Priya likes Bernadette and can get used to Howard.


Since Raj is Howard's best friend, Bernadette also spends a lot of time with him. Raj is in love with Bernadette and is delighted when the rumor gets around Bernadette wants to break up with Howard. The two don't seem to be very close friends and rather spend time together because of Howard.


Sheldon and Bernadette are not very close friends. In his eyes she is probably only Howard's wife and otherwise not worth mentioning. She is tolerated and liked by him, but they are not close friends. However, Sheldon accuses Penny and Bernadette of being a bad influence on Amy. Which, however, comes from Penny more than from Bernadette.

Sheldon and Bernadette are the only ones in the series who feel superior to each other (independently of each other). Sheldon claims to be afraid of Bernadette (including her voice). Bernadette knows how to use this skillfully.

It almost seems as if both of them are intentionally walking away from each other and avoiding contact. When Bernadette is mad at Sheldon, she disciplines him severely.


Apart from the information about the operation of an illegal day care center and that she did not even want to teach her to cycle (for fear of losing her virginity in a fall), nothing is known about Bernadette's mother. You see her at a meal with Howard, Bernadette and their father (when the two women decide to send their boys on a fishing trip together). Bernadette hates her mother just like Howard. That's also why Howard and Bernadette got together. Bernadette and Howard started a family with their daughter Halley.

Her father was a police officer who is now retired. He doesn't think much of Howard and tells him to his face that his daughter will quickly find something better than him (should he die on his trip into space). Nevertheless, he gives them his blessing at their wedding and attends the ceremony.


  • She is only 1.50 m tall and needs a stool to see through the peephole. She and Howard also can't get enough of the smoke alarm (season 6, episode 19, order in the closet).
  • The most exciting thing to do as a microbiologist is yeast.
  • She is a bad liar.
  • In the season finale of the fourth season, she says that she will soon be getting her doctorate and that she will work for a pharmaceutical company afterwards.
  • She is Glenn's ex-girlfriend.
  • When she is angry or screaming, her voice sounds much deeper, similar to Mrs. Wolowitz's.
  • She says of herself that she is a very vengeful person with access to bio-weapons smallpox.
  • Bernadette has Polish roots.
  • She can't stand children.
  • She earns a lot more than Howard, which is why he's often bullied.