Why did Apple drop the fingerprint scanner

Touch ID problems: iPhone 8 threatens further delay

Industry experts have already reported in the past that Apple had to struggle with a number of hurdles in the production of the iPhone 8. Most recently there were supposed to have been problems with the production of the OLED displays, now the focus is again on the fingerprint scanner.

According to analysts from Keybanc Capital Markets, who refer to information from the supply chain, Cupertino still has difficulties with installing the Touch ID sensor behind the display and making it work reliably there - a basic requirement for the omission of the home button Reduction of the housing dimensions.

Time is running out

The group is likely to come under increasing pressure of time. Based on an estimate of the effort involved in the procedure, you have to order the chips that are necessary for the implementation of the scanner by August at the latest. If this does not happen, you either have to do without Touch ID altogether or postpone the start of delivery.

Due to the difficulties so far, the iPhone 8, or at least an additional edition with an Oled display, will not go into full production until the end of October or the beginning of November. This planning would be postponed further.

Apple could do without Touch ID

Although a lack of the Touch ID module would cause consequential problems - for example with the support of Apple Pay - the analysts think that Apple would rather forego it than accept further delays. Because these could have a strong impact on sales in the following year. Without a fingerprint scanner, users should be reliant on the facial recognition system that the next generation of iPhones will bring with them.

As always, Apple remains silent about such reports. The presentation of the next smartphones is traditionally expected in September. (red, 07/12/2017)