Which food is a common food allergen?

Common food allergies: These foods have a very high allergy potential

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If you have a food allergy, not all foods may be put in the shopping cart (symbol picture). © imago images / Panthermedia

Certain ingredients in food can cause allergic reactions in people with a corresponding tendency. Which foods are particularly allergenic?

Vienna - With one Food allergy it is an allergic reaction to certain ingredients in animal and vegetable products. Take those affected food like nuts, milk or eggs, it can cause coughing, runny nose, reddened skin, swelling and difficulty breathing. In the worst case, it threatens anaphylactic shock. A faulty reaction of the immune system is to blame for the symptoms. So the body reacts in a similar way to others Allergies on actually harmless substances with the formation of antibodies.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, around 20 percent of the German population suffer from one Food allergy. This means that allergies to animal and vegetable foods are among the most common allergy triggers in this country. In principle, any food can trigger an allergy. In children and adults, however, mainly prepare the following Allergens the most common problems:

1. Food allergy: nuts, peanuts and seeds

Whether in baked goods, ready meals or in the restaurant -peanutsare in numerousFood to find. Who under onePeanut allergy suffers, is therefore constantly on guard. Under the Nuts belong to the peanuts the most common allergy triggers. But peanuts not only cause allergic reactions particularly often, but also particularly violent ones Immune reactions. So can Traces of peanuts lead to symptoms such as itching, rashes, swelling of the mucous membranes, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath and circulatory collapse. peanuts can lead to serious, life-threatening reactions. Who under one Peanut allergy therefore usually has to strictly avoid peanuts - often for the rest of his life. Because only rarely does one go away Allergy to peanuts with age.

2. Food allergy: wheat flour

If children react with stomach pain and indigestion after eating bread or pasta, a Wheat allergy behind it. This should not be confused with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Because unlike an intolerance, it is the Wheat allergy a reaction of the immune system against proteins contained in wheat. Raising awareness of the Wheat protein can happen through the skin, the respiratory tract or the gastrointestinal tract. Accordingly, they are diverse Symptoms the Wheat allergy out. They range from respiratory problems such as asthma and rhinitis to skin rashes and redness to gastrointestinal problems.

But not only children are often of one Wheat allergy affected, the allergy can also occur in adults. A treatment against the causes of the allergy there is nothing so far. The switch to gluten-free products at one Wheat allergy The switch to gluten-free products is of no use. The one used in gluten-free products Wheat starch partly still contains small amounts of wheat protein.

3. Food allergy: soy

According to the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation(ECARF) in Europe around 0.3 percent of the population suffer from oneSoy allergy. Soybeans provide a lot of nutrients and unsaturated fatty acids. Also contains soy around 40 percent Protein substances. However, according to the Medical University of Vienna, eight of them are considered allergenic classified. These can be severe in those affected allergic reaction trigger.

Who against soy is allergic, must refrain from using products that contain soybeans. In addition to typical Soy products like tofu and soy milk also many processed foods. Because the legumes can also be found in margarine, confectionery and sausages.

4. Food allergy: egg white

Children in particular are often of one Allergy to egg whiteaffected. In addition to the milk allergy, theEgg allergy the second most common allergic disease in babies and young children. In many cases, the allergy disappears on its own in adolescents. A protein allergy rarely occurs in older people.

We triggered the allergy through the im protein proteins contained in eggs. Ingredients in the egg yolk an allergic reaction. Among the most common Chicken Egg Allergens include ovomucoid (Gal d1), ovalbumin (Gal d2), ovotransferrin (Gal d3), lysozymes (Gal d4) and albumin (Gal d5). Except for albumin, all of them can be found Allergens in egg white. Those who cannot tolerate the protein ovomucoid usually have to act strictly Eggs dispense. Also processed or cooked Eggs are taboo. Because while the other Allergens decompose when heated and are therefore edible for most allergy sufferers, Ovomucoid is heat-stable. So it is also after cooking for Allergy sufferers still dangerous.

5. Food allergy: milk protein

A Cow's milk allergy especially affects young children. Because often it disappears Allergy to cow's milk again during childhood. Anyone who is allergic to cow's milk will either react to the in milk contained casein or beta-lactoglobulin. Affected should Cow's milk and remove processed foods that contain milk from the menu entirely. Even small amounts milk or additives containing milk such as skimmed milk powder, cream or whey can cause allergic reactions. Most of those affected, however, can tolerate milk in the form of it Pasta and baked goods significantly better. Dairy products Those affected should not simply leave it out. Because, especially in children, this can quickly lead to deficiency symptoms.

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