Does she still love me 1

Does she still love me 5 clear signals and how best to deal with them

Clarity, clarity, clarity.

I finally want to know what's going on.

This woman is still turning my head.

We've been apart for a while now, but she's confusing me more and more.

And if I'm being completely honest, I still want my ex back.

I want to feel how she lies in my arms, hugs me innocently and falls asleep so happily by my side. I want to experience adventures with her, have fantastic sex and laugh with her, talk to her and have her very close to me.

But we are no longer together and I only have this one single question in my head:

Does she still love me Is there still a chance?

Not so long ago, these very thoughts kept going through my head. And I went looking for an answer.

I found an answer!

In 5 clear signals that show you whether she's still into you.

The more of these signals you perceive in her, the more certain you can be that she still has feelings in her heart for you.

So learn to watch them carefully and your chances of getting your ex back will increase.

Winning the ex back and starting a passionate, intimate relationship with her again is fun and anything but impossible. It's more a question of the correct strategy that runs through A-Z and on which you lay the foundation of your new relationship. Internalize these 7 restart rules and your ex won't overlook your development as a man. And want you back.

Does she still love me 5 lessons in understanding women:

Table of contents of the article

Lesson 1: She keeps making contact

One of the most important signals when it comes to whether or not she still loves you is whether or not she is getting back in touch with you.

This can be done in a number of ways.

Thanks to our modern technology, she can call you or write you a message at any time.

Even so, contacting their ex again for the first time is a major hurdle for most people.

So when she calls or texts you, it is a clear sign that she is longing for you, wants to hear your voice, or just needs a response from you.

This is even more true when she tries more and more often to get in touch with you and keep in touch. This woman definitely wants to have you and to feel your closeness.

Some women also apologize and try to make up for the past. Here, too, you see a clear will that she is even ready to jump over her own shadow to please you.

If you are as skeptical as I was back then, it would probably not be enough for you to have the certainty that she still loves you.

My ex-girlfriend Nathalie called me several times a week at that time, but I didn't think anything else.

But when she started to write to me late in the evening and even at night and even called me once drunk, it was absolutely clear to me: my ex still loves me.

She still has feelings for me and clearly signals to me:

I can get my ex back.

But wait! Before that, Martin would like to explain to you in a video why we often cannot get away from the ex. Incidentally, you can occasionally apply this to the woman and thus understand even better why she wants you back:

Why we never get away from the ex when we get abandoned
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You won't miss any of our videos again. Click the red YouTube button to subscribe to Strengthen Manhood:

Lesson 2: She tries to attract attention to take you back

Other women try to draw attention to themselves in all possible ways without saying it directly.

When you're out and about together and she constantly tries to be with you and to touch you physically, she enjoys your closeness and your warmth.

She's probably already thinking a lot about what it would be like to feel you even closer physically and to melt into you.

Should you feel small shivers shooting through your body or even get goose bumps, then she probably feels exactly the same and has already half undressed you inside.

If she doesn't get that close, she may be trying other ways to get your attention.

Maybe she posts sad posts on Facebook or other social media? Especially where she knows you can see

She doesn't want to get attention from any guys or other women. She wants the attention of YOU.

You should see that she is doing badly, that she is hurt and needy so that you can protect her and come back to her again. This is what particularly shy women do often.

It is also possible that your ex is acting the other way around.

If she posts any party pictures every day, preferably with other guys in her arms, then she just wants to make you jealous.

It's not about the other guys at all. Here, too, it's all about YOU.

Does she flirt with other men at a party and does it happen that you are watching her? You can be sure: this woman is far from over you.

You will find certainty about this at the latest when you take a closer look at her body language.

She doesn't have to talk to you. She can flirt any way she wants. But the woman's body language will mercilessly clarify the question, "Does she like me?"

In this article you will find everything you need to know:

Woman's body language
If you can correctly interpret the woman's body language, you will know exactly whether she finds you attractive and invites you to take the next step. In this article we will show you 5 clear signals for this.

It is clear to her that she still loves you. For you too?

Lesson 3: Does She Still Love Me? A lot revolves around you with her

If you are not paying enough attention, you will not even notice this point.

For a woman who still loves you, a lot of her life still revolves around you.

You can tell from three points whether this is still the case with her:

1. She strives to change the way you like it:

Has she changed anything in her appearance lately?

Has she by any chance turned the color a little darker or is she always wearing an open hairstyle, as you like it best on her?

Is she wearing that one red lipstick that you always found particularly sexy on her or is she trying to break the habit of a bit that annoyed you particularly?

Hey man! This woman is consciously or unconsciously ready to go the extra mile for you so that you finally want her again.

2. Maybe she talks a lot about you to mutual friends. When a buddy comes up to you and tells you:

“Look, I can't get through to her properly anymore. You, your ex only talks about you all the time, «then you are still extremely present in her head.

3. Even if she asks a lot about you or asks you questions about your life, you still occupy her a lot and you are still important to her.

Lesson 4: It's Emotional

Women often show their emotions much more openly than us men.

And that's where you hooked her up.

When she's still feeling chaotic in her life. So if she oscillates back and forth between emotions of anger, sadness, fear and loneliness, then she has not forgotten you for a long time.

This woman is still struggling with the breakup and has been painfully reminded every day of what it means to be without you.

So if one day she walks up to you and lets off her anger on you, that doesn't mean she doesn't like you anymore. It is said that she still has you in her heart and desperately wants you back.

If, on the other hand, she spends time with you and keeps bringing anecdotes and beautiful experiences from your past relationship to the table, that means exactly the same: This time with you was wonderful and I want more of it.

Women love to reminisce and relive these emotions. If she does this with you, it's for one reason only:

She knows that you are the person with whom she feels these emotions in her body.

And she wants more of it. Even more intense. From the past. In the present. And also in the future.

Lesson 5: She's planning a future with you and wants her ex back

Here comes the clearest signal. She plans a future with you and tries to include you everywhere.

But that doesn't mean that she'll suggest a relationship with you right away. Women do that in a much more subtle way.

If she suggests that you can stay friends, it doesn't really mean that you will just continue to be friends.

This is usually just a clumsy attempt to stay close to you and keep getting the chance to get you back.

You can also rate the activities she plans with you.

Does she regularly send you invitations to events where just you and her are there? Why do you think why no other friends should be there ?!

She wants to have quality time with you. All by yourself, just you and her. As it was in your relationship back then.

There is also an indicator that you can use to clearly see whether she's still into you.

Is she still single after a long time? Does she get offers, but she rejects them in a row? Then it may well be that she is in the mood for a relationship. But only with you!

But there are also women who quickly plunge into a new relationship after the separation.

If that's the case, then take a close look at the guy and find something you have in common:

Does he look a lot like me?

Is he like me?

Does he have the same sense of humor and approach to life?

If even one of these signals apply, then you can be sure:

This poor guy's a stopgap. And your ex chose it to fill the huge gaping hole you left in her.

But there is only one person in this world who can do that for you: and that is you!

The article is about signs of whether she still loves you. But what if you find out that she has none of these signs? Then be sure to watch this video:

You won't miss any of our videos again. Click the red YouTube button to subscribe to Strengthen Manhood:
You won't miss any of our videos again. Click the red YouTube button to subscribe to Strengthen Manhood:

I want my ex back! Or not?

What does it all mean for you now?

If you've seen some signs in your ex, congratulations: she's probably still into you.

But let me also give you one thing to consider:

There was a reason you broke up. There was a reason the two of you couldn't be consistently happy in your relationship.

One of the most important reasons for us men why we lose ourselves in a relationship and why we cannot keep it permanently is that we lose ourselves in it and thereby forget our own path as a man.

And if you're reading this article and asking yourself so much, "Does she still love me?" Then the chances are that you haven't gotten back on your path yet.

Then you may not have understood what it takes if you want your ex back, whether she still loves you or not.

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