Is the frenulum most sensitive

Glans and Frenulum: Erogenous Zones # 1

They are the most sensitive parts of a man and at the same time the most erogenous: the glans or, medically, the glans penis and the frenulum. Women can work wonders with the stimulation of this walnut-sized thickening at the end of the penis and the transition between the glans and the shaft. For this reason, you will find everything you need to know about the glans and the frenulum and their stimulation here.

The structure of the glans and frenulum

The glans is the male counterpart to the clitoris and has around 4,000 nerve endings, according to the health portal For comparison: the clitoris has around 8,000 nerve endings. These nerve endings and the very thin skin of the glans make it extremely sensitive to touch, which makes it the number one erogenous zone.

When not erect, the glans is hidden under the foreskin, but it can also be directly visible if your loved one has been circumcised. At circumcised men To protect against mechanical stimuli, a thin horny layer forms after a while, which often reduces the sensitivity of the glans.

The glans is connected to the foreskin by the frenulum, which, next to the edge of the glans, is the most sensitive part of the glans (see below).

The glans stimulation

With the hand:
You can play around the sensitive penis tip with your fingertips. Especially if you are at the Hand job Including the glans ring - the transition between the glans and penis shaft - it will certainly be a real experience for your partner.

With the mouth:
Of course you can also with the Oral sex stimulate his glans with your mouth and tongue by touching the tip of the penis with the tip of your tongue and bringing your lips into play a little. You can also create a kind of vacuum with your mouth: The glans are pressed against your palate, which creates a pleasant friction.

With sex toys:

Sex toys can also be used to stimulate the glans. A vibrator for example, the sensitive tip of the penis can be massaged comfortably. There are also special glans masturbators that you can build into your love game together.

The stimulation of the frenulum

Here you should be careful with the stimulation, because even light touches of the frenulum inspire your loved one immensely. It is therefore advisable not to start the caresses and caresses at this point.

Various nerves converge in the frenulum, which is why a pleasurable chain reaction can occur when touched. Save this erogenous zone until the end to catapult your partner into the heaven of pleasure.

No-gos when stimulating the glans

Too much stimulation:
Too much stimulation of the glans is often uncomfortable for the man. Since the sensitivity of the glans varies depending on the man and the nature of the penis, it is advisable to always determine the intensity with which you stimulate it in consultation with your partner. Asking questions or closely observing the man during love play can prevent unpleasant moments here.

Work the glans with your teeth:
During oral sex, you should also make sure that your teeth do not scrape over the sensitive head of the penis. Some men like a little bit of tooth insertion, but extreme care should be taken in such a case as well.

Heat stimulation:
You should also exercise caution with heat stimulation. At the Hot water blowjob for example, it is advisable not to use water that is too hot. Even when playing with hot wax, the wax should not be dripped directly onto the tip of the penis.

Post orgasm stimulation:
After the man has orgasm, the glans is usually the most sensitive. Therefore, after its climax, you should only touch it very gently - if at all. Rubbing or pushing too hard will most likely make him uncomfortable.

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