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Dehydrating the body: How to get rid of excess water

Are you struggling with unnecessary water retention? We'll show you how to drain your body gently and healthily and get rid of unnecessary pounds very quickly.

Dehydrating Body: Causes of Water Retention

If you notice that your body is storing more water, it can have many causes. For example, pregnant and elderly people, as well as women during their menopause, have more problems with water retention. But he can do just as well Hormonal balance lead to water retention during periods at a young age.

But also diseases like heart- or Kidney weakness can ensure that the water is no longer properly transported away. If then the wrong diet and tolittle movement In addition, this also promotes water retention.

All these causes have in common that the water is stored where you least want it. Most of the time, the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, upper arms or ankles are particularly affected.

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What does your body need water for?

An adult human body is made up of 70% water on average. We lose water every day through our skin and breathing. The water serves as a in our body Mode of Transport for a wide variety of fabrics. It ensures that our Blood flow can, Removed pollutants and that our brains function properly, to name a few.

Perhaps you can also remember days in your life when you drank very little. During the course of the day you noticed that you couldn't perform as well in training, that you were less focused while studying or that you simply got a headache. These were all signs of dehydration. You can find out how much water you have to drink to prevent this from happening in our article How much water is really healthy to drink.

The body drains through diet

There are several ways to rid the body of excess water. As a rule, it is quite sufficient if you are using it certainFood yours bodydrains. Often it is enough to incorporate these foods into your everyday life for just a few days.

Important: It sounds contradictory, but if you want to dehydrate your body, you have to take special care to drink enough.

The reason: You have already learned above that our body only functions properly with enough water. If you drink too little, your body tries even harder to store water for emergencies. If you give him instead enough water give it, it will break down excess water more quickly.

That's why we recommend natural foods with a high water- and Potassium content to eat.

Dehydrating foods

So are particularly suitable Cucumber, Melons, pineapple, Strawberries and asparagus for draining. But also artichokes, Onions, garlic, Carrots, Avocados, Potatoes and even rice has a dehydrating effect. Then there are still nuts like hazelnuts, cashews, peanuts and almonds, and also Dried fruit in the form of apricots or bananas contains lots of potassium.

Warning: Potassium should only be consumed in small amounts and in the form of natural foods.

Conversely, there are also a few foods that you should definitely avoid if you want to dehydrate your body quickly and effectively. In addition to alcohol and caffeine, this also includes salt. Because most of our conventional table salt consists of sodium. This in turn has a strong water-binding effect.

Body Dehydrating Home Remedies: Teas

If you want to support your body with dehydration, you can easily do this with the right drinks. Especially manyTypes of teabecomes adehydrating attributed to. These include Nettle-, parsley-, Birch leaves-, Horsetail-, dandelion-, ginger tea and Green tea.

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Other methods to dehydrate the body

In addition to a balanced diet, there are also other ways in which you can make things superfluous Water retentionGet rid of can.

1. Drain the body with lymphatic drainage

If the water retention in your body is so severe that it is already causing pain, lymphatic drainage can help. The corresponding tissue is stimulated with a special technique. In contrast to massage, the tissue is only worked very gently here. In this way, the Lymphaticswho are responsible for the removal of tissue fluid, stimulates.

2. Drain your body with reflexology

Reflexology can also be used correctly Lymphatic system as well as liver and kidneys activate and thus help the body to dehydrate on its own.

3. Dehydrate the body with moderate endurance training

While one-sided stress, such as long sitting and standing without much movement, can also lead to water retention, it is relaxed Endurance training very suitable for dehydrating the body. Especially Cycle has the advantage that it is special gentle on the joints is. This way the whole Body circulationactivated and water, on the one hand, is simply sweated out and, on the other hand, is also better transported away and excreted within the body.

4. Drain the body with a fascia roller

If you happen to have a fascia roll at home, that's great. Because as soon as you start your Unfold muscles, stimulate you at the same time yours Lymphatics. Similar to lymphatic drainage, the The body's own drainage mechanisms are activated.

Drain your body for competition

In contrast to pathological water retention, athletes such as bodybuilders and martial artists, whose competitions are divided into different weight classes, use various techniques to try to lose a few 100 g, sometimes even kilos, in the shortest possible time.

While fat can only be broken down slowly, it is quite possible to lose 1 kg in the form of water in a short time. You just have to be aware that you will not lose this weight in the long term, but will usually be visible on the scales again a day later.

For this purpose, many martial artists like to train in a special way Sweat suit and a bit Extra clothes. After the training, it goes back quickly to the sauna. Almost nothing is eaten until the competition and only a little water is drunk, if at all.

Bodybuilders the drainage usually go a lot more professional at. they have one exact diet planwhich tells them exactly how much protein, carbohydrates, fat and water they can consume. In fact, that's how they do it maximum muscle volume to to keep, and theirs at the same time Water content to a minimum bring to.

Important: Draining the body in this way is only a very short term solution to losing weight and water.


  • First, find the cause of your water retention.
  • Dehydrating your body only works if you drink enough.
  • Foods high in water and potassium help with dehydration
  • Alcohol and caffeine will help you retain more water.
  • Salt consists largely of sodium, which ensures that you store even more water.
  • Different types of tea help dehydrate the body.
  • Lymph drainage, foot reflexology, moderate endurance training and massages with the fascia roller stimulate the removal of water from the tissue.
  • Drainage methods for competitors are only effective for a short period of time.
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