How do you feel about Coventry?

The rebuilding of the church as a "Monument to Peace" became a sign of hope for the city and its citizens.
In 1999 a cross of nails was given to St Sebalduskirche by the provost of Coventry Cathedral.
This church belongs to the "Cross of Nails Community",
a worldwide network in the service of reconciliation between people of different nations, religions and

As in many Cross of Nails Centers around the world, the Atonement Prayer is held every Friday at 12 noon in St. Sebald Coventry prayed:

All have sinned and lack it
Fame that they should have with God.
(Romans 3:23)
The hatred that separates race from race, people from
People, class of class,
Father forgive.
The striving of people and peoples too
own what is not theirs,
Father forgive.
The greed that makes the work of the people
exploits and ravages the earth,
Father forgive.
Our envy of well-being and happiness
of the other,
Father forgive.
Our lack of participation in the plight of the
Prisoners, homeless and refugees,
Father forgive.
Greed, women, men and children
degraded and abused in body and soul,
Father forgive.
The arrogance that leads us to approach ourselves
trust and not in God,
Father forgive.
Be kind and cordial to one another
and forgive one another
how God has forgiven you
in Jesus Christ.
(Ephesians 4:32)

You can find the leaflet here Coventry St. Sebald - An alliance for global reconciliation

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