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Student and teacher accounts

Example of a class page

Student and teacher accounts are scratch user accounts to use Scratch in class. The accounts for teachers offer additional options for checking the published content.


The student accounts are grouped into so-called classes. The activities of a class can be further structured in their own class studios. Class pages are available at the URL number reachable.

Special student accounts must be created by the teacher for classes. Existing scratch user accounts cannot be added to any class.

Teacher accounts

Teachers can use their account

  • Create classes, define class name, class photo and class description
  • Create class studios
  • Add students to a class or send a link with which students can register for the class
  • Withdraw students' published projects
  • Delete student comments
  • Delete student profile pictures
  • Restrict the comment function (prevent comments between the class and the rest of the Scratch Community)
  • View the activity of students (like or favorite projects, create projects, make changes to the profile page, see messages from the Scratch Team - for example, if the Community Guidelines are violated)
  • Ending classes (when a class is over, students can no longer log in, but their projects are retained)
  • Delete / restore classes (Deleting a class also deletes all associated accounts, projects and studios)

Teachers cannot access their students' unpublished projects or delete student accounts.

Create a teacher account

To create a teacher account you have to apply for one at All applications are checked manually by the Scratch Team. The exam takes a maximum of 24 hours.

Student Accounts

Students can only use their accounts as long as a class is open. Then it is possible

  • Create and publish projects in a class
  • Add projects to class studios

Creating student accounts

The "My Classes" page

Student accounts can be created in several ways by the teacher on the "My Classes" page. The "My Classes" page is accessed through the drop-down menu for the teacher's username in the blue bar in the top right corner of the Scratch website.

+ New student

Clicking on "+ New Student" creates an account with a user name chosen by the teacher. By clicking on "Account Settings" under the user's icon, the teacher can choose whether to choose the student's password himself or to set the password to his user name. In any case, the first time the student logs in, he will be asked to choose his own password.

Upload CSV

With this function, up to 50 user names and passwords can be uploaded at once. These only have to be saved in a file that follows the following pattern:

The file must be saved as .txt or .csv.

Registration link

Students can register by receiving a Scratch-generated registration link from their teacher and following the instructions there.

Profile Pages

Teachers and student accounts have a public profile page. In addition to the usual content ("About me", "What I am currently working on", "Published projects", "Favorite projects", "Studios I curate", "Scratchers that interest me", etc.) it also contains a category " Classes ". Instead of the designation "Scratcher" or "New Scratcher", "Teacher user account" appears under the name of teacher accounts.

In the case of student accounts, the text "Student of" appears under the user name, followed by the class name in which the student is logged on. This text is linked to the class page.

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