What does Uranus look like

UranusDataPlanetary typeGas planetNumber of moons27numberingSeventh planet in the solar systemDistance to the sunapprox. 3,000,000,000 kmOrbital time around the sun84 yearsLight transit time160minDistance to earthapprox. 2,900,000,000 kmPlanetary ringsYesNeighboring planetsSaturn and Neptunescope160,590 kmdiameter50,724 kmradius25,362 kmtotal area8,000,000,000 km²Dimensions8.683 x 10 ^ 25 kgMass (in relation to earth)14volume6,833 · 10 ^ 13 km³Volume (in relation to the earth)63Ageapprox. 4.5 billion yearsAxis inclination97,86°Rotation speed?Direction of rotationdecliningTrack speed6.8 km / sGravity8.87 m / s²Day duration (sidereal day)17h 14mTemperatures on the surface?Mean surface temperature:-200 ° CTemperature in the core+5000 to + 6000 ° C Spherical albedo0,3Geometric albedo0,5the atmosphereHydrogen (80%), helium (15%), methane (2%)Most common elementsWater, methane, ammonia