Can lemon tea prevent vomiting

Lemon for stomach pains - this is how the citrus fruit helps

Lemon is a good home remedy for pain, especially in the stomach area, because the citrus fruit has an anti-inflammatory effect. The citrus fruit can be used as an alternative to medication in the event of vomiting, stomach cramps, nausea, stomach pressure or general malaise. Lemons have lots of vitamins, trace elements and minerals. If you at stomach pain you should try the home remedy. You simply take half a lemon, best squeeze it out in a juicer and pour this liquid into a glass of lukewarm water.

Stomach pain due to bacterial contamination

Lemon helps with stomach ache as the citrus fruit helps the body expel internal toxins. Pain in the abdomen can be caused by bacteria. The citrus fruit kills bacteria and makes your stomach feel good again. The lemon also has an anti-inflammatory effect. At Stomach problems due to inflammation, the citrus fruit is a good and healthy alternative to medicines and tablets. Because of its anti-inflammatory function, lemon is also added to the tea for colds or sore throats.

Lemon is an electrolyte bomb for stomach ache

If you at diarrhea suffer and lose a lot of fluids, lemon juice with lukewarm water will help you. Lemon contains a lot of electrolytes, which ensure that the body does not become dehydrated. Specifically, this means that they give the body back what it loses through the disease, i.e. important substances such as magnesium or potassium. Furthermore, the citric acid in the citrus fruit is valuable for calming the body. Together with other enzymes in the body, it ensures that the stomach is stimulated to produce gastric juice. This is helpful in getting the stomach to work again. This stimulates digestion and eliminates stomach problems.

Abdominal pain: Lemon boosts your metabolism

Stomach pain can be caused by the metabolismhas stalled. Again, lemon juice can help. It contains a lot of antioxidants that stimulate the metabolism. This will remove toxins from the body. However, if you have pain in your stomach, you should not consume the lemon pure, but rather with water. Furthermore, it is generally recommended to drink plenty of water for stomach pains in order to stimulate the metabolism and support the body's healing process.

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