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Vortioxetine (Brintellix): experiences, testimonials

Experiences, testimonials to: Vortioxetine (Brintellix)

No more sales in Germany

08/01/2016 Comment from Apo:

Well, first the stocks from the pharmacies have to be sold to Brintellix, then you can get the drug from abroad. Of course, the KK don't have to do that.

08/12/2016 Comment from Tine:

Hope dies: I finally found a drug that worked well, after years of experimenting with various antidepressants that I couldn't tolerate. Including all the creeping in and out, and the resulting sick days. Now I'm starting from scratch again. Thank you dear health insurers.

09/21/2016 Comment from Paule:

I have also had good experiences with Brintellix. Take the lowest dosage of 5mg in almost half a year. Lundbeck recommends at least half a year. Now that the drug has been withdrawn from the German market, the question arises, what alternative do I have? Wouldn't like to play guinea pigs with other antidepressants. I find the combination of Brintellix and CBT in particular to be very helpful. I stabilized myself very well and I will soon have a professional rehabilitation MN, and now I'm very unsure whether I can manage this MN without this drug?

02/07/2017 Comment from Claudia:

Was the first drug that helped me! Now the third, after there is vortioxetine, nothing helps. Wish those who decide something like this also sometimes have such an illness and the consequences if the only remedy that helped is withdrawn from the market 😡

Change of medication

11/30/2015 comment from Sigi:

I've been taking this drug for 5 days, previously taking venlafaxine 150.
At the moment I am going through hell, from nausea, tiredness, dizziness, lightning in the head, freezing and lack of drive to hopelessness, everything is there. Can someone tell me how long I have to go through this before I get better?

Side effects experience

11/06/2015 Comment from Anna:

Massive itching all over the body up to painful irritation, like with a thousand small needles. And soreness in sensitive areas of the body.

Clinical depression

08/01/2014 - comment from AntiDepri:

I have had depression for a long time and have tried many medis. Now I've tried vortioxetine and I've been feeling so much better since taking this drug. I can do a lot more and be much more positive about things; I have had rather bad experiences with other antidepressants.

Experience with Brintellix

08/08/2014 - comment from chanty:

I've been taking Brintellix for 5 months now. It has mild antidepressant / anxiolytic effects, but it is definitely not potent enough for my lifelong generalized anxiety disorder and depression. But it works better for me than Viibryd (which is closest to this drug), but I'm still in a state of deep dysfunction. On the plus side, the side effects are minimal, the more common ones being a decrease in sexual desire. (Not really a problem for me since my anxiety and depression hardly takes a place in my life anyway).

10/25/2014 - re: experience - comment from fanny:

I was so hopeful that the drug would work, but after 18 days I had an allergic reaction, tingling in my face, restlessness, chills, fever. Had to stop and now I feel terrible: fever, chills after weaning. I hope others have more success with it. I'm pretty sensitive to medication.

08/12/2015 Comment from Mrsschwester:

I've been taking the drug for 14 days and have had restless feelings and poor concentration ever since. My doctor and I are watching this, and I will probably have to take it off again.

09/10/2015 comment from leoni:

take the medication since june 15. it doesn't do me good at all. I am exhausted, listless and limp, I am very disappointed because the drug was prescribed to me as having very few side effects. I hardly do my household work: 'Everything with compulsion! ‘

09/06/2018 Comment from anni:

i have tested all all mood enhancers, brintellix was the first and last medication that helped me in the eternal fight against depression.
I am constantly outside with the new medis (fluoxetine and elontril), everything costs me strength that is not there,
and although i haven't changed my eating habits, u thanks to my kids make sure that we exercise in the air every day (i love cycling) i now have almost 20 kilos (i have easily lost that with brintellix) now in about half an hour. Increased weight for 1.5 years ...
I'm afraid of winter time ...

Now, weeks ago, I applied to the health insurance company to be able to take it again.

and am now quite discouraged

06/20/2019 Harry's experience:

I have been taking Brintellix 10 mg for about 3 months for depression and generalized anxiety disorder. Apart from a slight nausea, I had no side effects. Not much happened in the first 4 weeks. I wanted to take it off but then from the 4 week on I felt better day by day. My mood has brightened significantly and the fears have become much more bearable. After 3 months of taking it combined with psychotherapy, I can say that I am fine. The drug has no effect on my libido and is weight neutral. I feel good and "normal" as I did before the disease occurred. Highly recommend the drug.

Brintellix against depression - effectiveness

04/07/2020 Beckenbauer's experience:

For about 4 years I have been taking Brintellix against depression and only in a small dose. To this day I can say that it still works well. I am able to work and take it well. When the KK took over the costs, I suddenly had a problem. Fortunately, my doctor gave me such a good report that I need the drug to be able to continue working that I can continue to get it from abroad and with the KK assuming the costs. A good drug.

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lois said on 05/16/2021:
no more sexual feeling. clit is totally deaf ... (seven years brintellix)

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