Why did you move to San Bernardino

California State University San Bernardino

If you have decided on a semester abroad, then College Contact is the right place for you. At this point, a huge thank you to the whole team and especially to Kristin Twilfer. They are available for all your questions, no matter how small, and always answer.

Decision and application:

You can first find out about suitable universities, prices, university programs, etc. on the College Contact website.
I chose the CSUSB because the tuition fees are relatively low compared to other colleges, the CSUSB offers some courses on "Transportation and Logistics" (I'm studying transportation in Germany) and San Bernardino is relatively central in California.
Also think about how long you want to stay, if you can then stay 6 months. For me personally, 3 months were not enough. However, since I was no longer in the standard period of study and did not meet other criteria for student loans, I did not get one and could therefore not afford it. So tip: take care of the AuslandsBafög in good time.
Otherwise, the application and all the trimmings are quite simple thanks to College Contact. All you really have to do is work through the list they send you.
Personally, I first did the Toefl test (how many points you have to achieve, everything is on the info page on college-contact.com for the CSUSB) and then sent my complete application to College Contact. As soon as you get a confirmation, it is advisable to apply for a visa. Generally speaking, start planning early enough to take care of everything, almost 9-12 months in advance.
In order to save a little more money, it is advisable to book outward and return flights (if known) together as early as possible.

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Otherwise we still have many more testimonials to our partner universities. Alternatively we would also be happy to advise you and help you to find a suitable university for you!

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SCM 305- Enterprise System (Enterprise Resource Planning)
Instructor: Dr. Jay Varzandeh's style of presentation is appealing
3 exams spread across the quarter, multiple choice + answering questions in text form + doing exercises in SAP
1 Lesson consists of a lecture and an exercise with SAP

SCM 440- Transportation Systems Management
Instructor: John Wu his presentation style is very appealing
Lectures are very interesting, he doesn't just try to teach you theory
Lectures sometimes online, then the lecture is canceled and you have to answer questions online
Answer 1 Final Exam questions in text form

GEOG 307- Transportation Issues and Development
Instructor Dr. Bo Xu's style of speaking is quite boring
Not a university level, but easy to get a very good grade
2 tests multiple choice + answer questions in text form
Prepare paper + lecture this was canceled by us due to lack of time

I think my 3 courses were relatively easy, or rather, studying German can be described as more difficult. The professors are also all very nice and are happy to help and, I think, give you the “foreigner bonus” when awarding grades.
I have already written to the professors by email from Germany for my chosen courses. Everyone answered me and I should only bring a transcript with me so that you can make sure that I can follow the lecture.

Dormitory and campus:

I chose to live in the Dorms (Arrowhead Village) on campus for several reasons:

1. For 3 months the effort to look for my own apartment was too big for me,
2. I personally, wanted to live "alone" and not with a host family,
3. Because of the cultural exchange that is definitely given especially in Arrowhead Village.
Another advantage was that I had 5 minutes to my lectures, the washroom and a pool was right across from my building.

Of course there are also disadvantages:

1. You have to bring or buy everything yourself, such as pots, pans, bedding, cutlery, plates, etc. I was lucky because one of my roommates had already brought a microwave that I was allowed to use.
2. It is very expensive because you have 1 room with a closet, bed and desk, 1 bathroom to share with someone and 1 kitchen with 3 other people.

Personally, I felt very comfortable and safe on campus, as San Bernardino is not supposed to be the safest city. A Walmart (where there are pots, cutlery, etc.) is a 20-30 minute walk from the campus and a Ralph’s (for groceries) is 10-20 minutes away on foot, but there is also a bus going there. But if you've rented a car or know someone with a car, it is a good idea to go to Food 4 less, for example, because groceries are a lot cheaper there.
It is a non-alcohol campus, but nobody has anything against drinking 1-2 bottles of wine in their apartment with a few people. Besides, if you got caught, you wouldn't be flying right away. ;) You shouldn't overdo it.
Furthermore, there is a great fitness studio and several pools right on campus, one to be able to swim laps, the other to cool off.



  • Ontario Mills (Outlet)
  • Victoria Garden

both almost only accessible by car.

  • Inland Mall can be reached by bus from the campus.

The gym offers great outdoor activities. I was surfing, kayaking with tents and climbing, it was great to get to know many new people from different cultures.
From San Bernardino you can see many beautiful cities such as Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, San Pedro, Los Angeles, Newport Beach and Las Vegas. Of course there are many more, but everything is a matter of money and of course 3 months is not that long.
In Newport Beach I went whale watching ... unfortunately I didn't see any whales, but instead saw dolphins and sea lions right in the ocean. I signed up with Travel Zoo and saved half of the entrance fee on this excursion.
I recommend Las Vegas to everyone, it is unique, but 2 days are not enough to see everything.
Los Angeles, of course, I've been to Hollywood, Universal Studios, Downtown, etc. I was also very lucky because my roommate comes from LA and has shown me a lot and it never got boring.

Walk away
In the vicinity of San Bernardino there are some game bars etc. Otherwise LA is a good place to go, but of course you always need a car. I had gotten to know some with cars. Furthermore, it has to be said, always pay attention where you are going, it is not Germany. Always travel with people who know their way around, especially in LA and San Bernardino there are places where you don't want to be at night. That shouldn't scare you, you just shouldn't be out alone in the evening, but that's boring anyway. ;)

rent a car
Fortunately, I only had to rent a car once. I did that through the German side of Hertz, like almost everyone I think. Fortunately, we had paid with my roommate's credit card and were thus fully insured. That would not have been the case with my own, but I cannot say how this is related in particular. But I would always ask the rental office again to what extent I am now covered, since all this additional liability and the like does not always apply to California. Because if something happens and you don't have full coverage, it becomes extremely expensive.


It was a great experience that I wouldn't want to miss. I've met great people and I definitely want to go back to see more of California. ;-)