Where can I get Windows Server Core from

Desinfect 2021 is here - also on a USB stick
Punch card punch1 day agoInformationRecognition and defense10 comments

Moin colleagues, The new c't 12/2021 was in the mailbox today. The new disinfect from c't, which has been available to me for over one and a half ...

ERP system for IT system houses
aquilax 14 hours ago Question CMS11 Comments

Hello, I work in an IT system house. We are looking for a new ERP system that is tailored to our industry. So that my ...

Email retention guidelines
Solved Michael71 18 hours ago Question Exchange Server 10 Comments

Good morning, my boss had a GDPR course which is nothing bad. Now his question came, should we secure our e-mail after the 10th ...

NTFS authorization does not apply! Knowledge gap!
solvedRG25251 day ago QuestionWindows Server6 comments

Hello, I have set permissions for directories on a W2K16 file server. I always explicitly assign sharing and NTFS permissions with security groups. On a ...

Change Windows login background after restart
GWeidt 1 day ago QuestionWindows 108 comments

Good Morning! For a few months now I have been getting a login background that I have not set on my computer after every restart. Since the user account then ...

Driver out of date?
Nixunderstand 1 day agoGeneralHumor (lol) 4 comments

I should urgently update the drivers on my Hyper-V host :-)

Digital photo frames and security
Schlemihl10 hours agoQuestionSafety8 comments

Hello forum, a digital picture frame is used in a household. Apparently an Android carved by the manufacturer is running on it. Furthermore, an FTP server runs on it. ...

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05 | 2021 Almost all companies now have one leg in the cloud without throwing their local infrastructure out of the window. In the May issue, IT-Administrator is dedicated to the topic of "Hybrid Cloud" and shows how ...
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System administrator, m. (English system administrator or network administrator, also administrator, system administrator, coll. Sysadmin)

Job title. The system administrator ensures that information technology systems (IT operations) function properly. The job description includes planning, selection, installation, operation and maintenance, especially security and availability, of the hardware and software of computers and networks including their operating systems and applications (e.g. databases). The new name DevOps describes an approach how software development and IT operations can work together and be improved. Here the areas Dev (development), Ops (IT operation) and QA (quality assurance) are combined.