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Some places in films are just too good to be true. But I have good news for you guys: this oneLocations really exist! I have summarized for you where the beautiful spots of earth are.

Vacation like in a film - a trip to the most beautiful locations

The Beach | Fack ju Göhte 2 | Australia

Winnetou | The Revenant | Mamma Mia

Twilight |The Lord of the Rings | LOST | Eat, pray, love

Rosamunde Pilcher | Dirty Dancing

The Beach - Thailand

This film made Thailand's small islands famous: The Beach. Even if many people only watched the film because of Leonardo DiCaprio (come on, at least be honest), the real star of the film was the beach. The film was shot on Maya Bay on the island Ko Phi Phi Leh. From the neighboring island of Koh Phi Phi Don, several boats go to the hidden beach every day and drop tourists there. Unfortunately, Maya Bay is no longer an insider tip and is populated by crowds every day. The rush is so great that Maya Bay was closed by the government for an indefinite period from June 2018 so that nature can relax.

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Fack ju Göhte 2 - Thailand

Yes, Thailand doesn't just have one nice corner to offer. So it's no wonder that German producers like to incorporate the tropical flair into their films. The latest German production from Thailand is Fack ju Göhte 2, which was filmed in various locations in Thailand. The beach scenes were mostly in the province Krabi shot, many of them on Ton Sai Beach.

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Australia - Australia

This film is an ode to the red continent. I don't know of any other film that does this Outback so beautifully staged, like the drama by Baz Luhrmann. Perhaps it is also the two main actors Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, who both grew up in Down Under, who give the film that certain something. If you want to visit the original locations, you have to go to the Kimberley region drive around Kununurra and Darwin Pay a visit to the Northern Territory.

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Winnetou - Croatia

Winnetou in Croatia? Yes, you read that right! Even though our favorite Indian with his best buddy, Old Shatterhand, did justice in North America, some scenes were shot in Croatia. Do you visit the Plitvice Lakes National Park in yourCroatia vacation, you will definitely recognize the locations.

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The Revenant - Argentina, Chile

For the Oscar-winning film "The Revenant" not only Leonardo DiCaprio took on a lot. In order to portray the landscapes of the Rocky Mountains as they used to be, the whole film crew traveled to the end of the world - well, almost to the end of the world. Among other things, the film was shot in fire landand Patagonia, because global warming means that there are only sufficiently large ice masses there, as there were at the beginning of the 19th century. A circumstance that makes me a little sad.

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Mamma Mia - Greece

You also want to experience romantic hours in small, narrow streets and dreamy places, just like the actors in the comedy Mamma Mia? Well, then off to Skopelos with you! This Greek island in the Aegean Sea is still full of originality and bristling with romance. Book a cozy hotel on the beach quickly and the togetherness can begin.

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Twilight - Washington

Edward or Jacob, which team are you for? It doesn't really matter, because to see the places of residence of the two protagonists, you have to go in both cases Forks in the state Washington drive. Since the film was shot here, the small town, which previously had nothing special to offer apart from coniferous forests and a lot of rain, has been booming. Today there are Twilight toursdriving you to Forks High School, or too Bella's house show (yes, it really exists!). Then you can regain your strength in the diner - in proper style with a vampire burger and blood milkshake.

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The Lord of the Rings - New Zealand

Let's be honest, the Lord of the Rings trilogy is the best example of films that tickle our wanderlust. At this diverse landscape there is no other way: on one island there is a gently rolling hilly landscape, hidden beaches that couldn't be more beautiful, on the other there are mountains, glaciers and geysers. No wonder Frodo felt so comfortable here!

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LOST - Hawaii

Even if the crew of the crashed plane seems pretty lost in the series, they weren't that lost at all. It was turned on O’ahu, one of the eight largest islands Hawaiis. The camp of the stranded was initially on Mokule’ia Beach set up, later on Papa’iloa BeachShot, North Shore. I have to admit, even if I hadn't seen the show, I would love to spend a few weeks vacation here.

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Eat, Pray, Love - Bali

If you want to follow Julia Roberts footsteps from the movie Eat, Pray, Love, then you have to travel to Italy, India and Bali. Let's just dedicate ourselves to one goal that I've fallen for a long time: Bali. Most of the scenes were in Bali's artist town Ubud filmed where the dreamlike Panchoran Retreat is located, which also appears in the film. Other locations are the Monkey Forest and the beaches around Lovina in the north of the island. You can get even more inspiration and Bali tips for a perfect vacation in my travel magazine.

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Rosamunde Pilcher - Cornwall

Ok, ok, I understand if you don't freak out with enthusiasm now. Rosamunde Pilcher is not necessarily known for exciting dramas. But have you ever looked at the beautiful landscapes that serve as filming locations? Small dreamy fishing villages, beautiful beaches and steep coasts in and around Dorset and Somerset- oh Cornwall is just adorable, I'm in love ...

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Dirty Dancing - North Carolina

Even if Dirty Dancing is getting a bit old, it is always a classic. The shooting location in North Carolina is all the more iconic Lake Lure, where an old boy scout camp has been converted into the perfect filming location. Hardcore fans still flock there every year to celebrate the film and its stars. Who brings watermelons?

North Carolina

They are there again and again: These films, which enchant you with their story and their beautiful landscapes, that you would like to plan your next vacation there right away. Do you know any other films that arouse your wanderlust?


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