What if Snoke was a Sith

Is Snoke connected to the Sith?


The signs point to "No".

In an interview with Empire magazine, Abrams said:

"Kylo Ren is not a Sith," JJ Abrams affirmed in the new issue of Empire. "He works under Supreme Leader Snoke, a powerful figure on the dark side of the Force."

Well, there are a number of articles that take this as confirmation that Snoke is not a Sith and personally I am not ready to put a stamp on it, but it is a reasonable conclusion.

The Star Wars database says this about Snoke:

The Supreme Leader of the First Order, the mysterious Snoke, has no permanent base of operations and prefers to contact his subordinates from a mobile command post. Mighty with the dark side of the Force, Snoke seduced Kylo Ren into abandoning the Jedi Path in order to become his apprentice. Snoke also commands General Hux and the technological war machine that the First Order developed to destroy the resistance of the New Republic and Leia Organas.

We know Kylo Ren isn't a Sith, and there's not much evidence that he wants to be one.

So Ren's not a Sith, he's an apprentice to Snoke, confirmed by StarWars.com and the movie that mentions Ren's training with Snoke.

Kylo Ren is not a Sith, but is trained by someone with great dark side skills, but who is probably not a Sith himself.


Hmm, being a Sith is just a title. Kylo could see himself as the leader of the Knights of Ren as the successor to the Sith order. But putting Kylo aside (he is not the subject of the question asked), the evidence that Snoke is not Sith seems weak. Just because an apprentice isn't recognized as a Sith doesn't mean the master isn't. There is a long story: Tyranus and Ventress, Vader and the Inquisitorius. Like you, I'm not going to put a stamp on either, but I'm less inclined to go as far as to say that it probably is.

Slacklord the Terrible

If it looks like a Sith, quacks like a Sith, takes apprentices like a Sith, and uses the Dark Side like a Sith ... it's another nearly identical organization with no real meaning. It's also a big disappointment as we have at least four such organizations in Disney Canon, but no alternative light side organizations.


If you disagree with my assessment, feel free to post your own answer.

Slacklord the Terrible

Sensitive, phantom! We agreed to you.


Perhaps to add a point there (just found these questions). Luke himself said the prophecy was fulfilled (and it should destroy the Sith). If Snoke is / was a Sith, the prophecy was never fulfilled.

Darth Nox

After hearing that Snoke is over 1000 years old, I thought he might be Set Harth (the one who receives Andeddu Holocron after Bane), and I also saw that Snoke is not a Sith but has a different message I found that Snoke is new to character.


Do you have sources to back this up?