What's the cheapest podcast setup

Podcast case: The easy interview setup for on the go

Hello Podpimp,

this is not just a question of setup, but also a question of the approach. I do spontaneous interviews with a Yellowtec mic. The atmosphere of “spontaneous” can already be broken by having to wire up my interview partner first. In the past, at the Volo, they just gave us a ZOOM H1 and that was done in the afternoon via FM. So you can achieve acceptable quality without great effort. I read the level on the display, I don't need headphones / headset for that. I always add dynamic effects afterwards, the presets from the recorder suck. If I want to talk more intensively, I take my "postcast suitcase" with me, which looks like this:

There is a ZOOM H6 + accessory and 4 DPA mics in it. All in all <3k €. It's easy to take with you and doesn't get dirty.

You can find a lot of headset mics, but few that are really good. DPA is good, but expensive. Many expensive mics (some Sennheiser / AKGs) couldn't convince me. But I have had good experience with some cheap tricks (Samson). But it differs from microphone to microphone. That means you just have to try it yourself. The question of the characteristics goes beyond the question of whether dynamic or condenser and the possibly related question of phantom power. If the recording is not likely to take place in a private room, but outside or among people, a directional characteristic can save your sound. But, as stupid as it sounds, it's a matter of experience. If I were you, I wouldn't just rely on other opinions.

E.g. from Rode there are slip-on mics for the IPhone. I can't say anything about the sound because I haven't tried it, but in terms of simplicity that or a ZOOM hand squeezer would probably be the cheapest way to get started with which you can quickly gain experience.

If you're primarily interested in boom microphones, then give the Samson SE50 a listen.

Greetings, ldsijkhve