Why someone would feel sinful after masturbating


I would like to believe in god ...


Lena, 17
Here is a little explanation for all those who doubt why God allows suffering (from Soulsaver.de):

Littelton April 20, 1999, New York September 11, 2001 and Erfurt April 26, 2002

Billy Graham's daughter was interviewed in a television show "Finally, the truth" (in German: "And now: the truth") on the American television station "National TV". In view of the events of September 11th *, they were asked, "How could God allow such a thing?" And Anne Graham gave an extremely informed and insightful answer. She said:
"I believe that God, just like us, is deeply saddened by this. But we have to see one thing clearly: For years we have been rejecting God from our schools, from our government and from our lives, and since he is a gentleman, I believe he has withdrawn quietly. How can we expect God to bless and protect us when we ask him to kindly leave us alone? "


Heike, 45
Especially when hope seems lost and man has been thrown back on himself, then he can find the way to God, because God's voice is very quiet and is often overheard in everyday life. Such times can be seen as an opportunity to talk to yourself and to God and to come to terms "right".

I wish you every success and a lot of patience.

Stephan, 31
Can I believe when I've lost hope
Can I believe when I despair of society?
Can I believe when I feel abandoned and nobody helps me?
Where is God when I need him? Why doesn't he give me the strength to deal with my problems?
I would like to believe, but I just don't have the strength to ...

Christoph & Daniel
...but I can not. There are too many bad things in the world at the moment (Iraq war, Latin (my personal opinion)) even if we discussed in religion class that suffering is part of life, I still believe that wars are not part of life. Because in wars, suffering spreads to everyone and you can count yourself lucky if you survived. If God allows this worst of all suffering, it is not possible for me to believe in him. But I hope that this situation will soon change (in relation to the Iraq war) and that I can also believe in God.

Teresa, 16
You would, but you cannot ... Many have this problem. But it is manageable. If you think the world is too bad to believe in God, why don't you stop it from getting better? Your life depends on yourself, because you are the only one who can decide about your life. God put you in the world free from guilt, then take your chance and thank him for it. If you believed in God, you would not only strengthen him, but also your inner self-confidence. Think about it and make the right decision ... God will thank you for it.

Anonymous, female, 14th century
I would like to believe in god, but the world is just too bad for that !!!!

Günther Peternel, 62
but there is no God personification for me - this is not possible in my opinion. There is only one becoming and one passing away globally. All religions can only exist because of the instability of most people. Faith can perhaps be of help to the individual - which in turn arises from helplessness. All religions are basically irrelevant. What matters is just personal acceptance that we are all finite. We can look at the short interval as positive or negative. With a positive view of being, we can admire life in its infinite variety and be amazed in awe - which for me, despite a certain resignation, is also a kind of piety and distinguishes me from the atheist.

Martin, 17th
God gives us the freedom to do what we want, including bad things. But why does God allow wars, diseases, and murders to happen? He also helped Noah with his family, but why doesn't he help others who need his help?
Do we just worship him because of our afterlife? If there is life after death, what else happens to less "good" people than to "good" people? You can do good without being religious.

Andreas Lippe, 36
Hello! This website is a good and innovative idea of ​​the Church to address people who no longer believe in God. I haven't lost my faith yet, I just have to honestly admit that God no longer plays a role in my everyday life and that I hardly ever go to church on Sundays. However, I would like to live with God. I just lack the right church that will open up this space to me. In many Catholic and Protestant communities the proportion of older Christians is alarmingly high. Younger people or middle-aged adults are in a minority. So the contacts that would be important for a life with God are missing. The Church has an urgent need for reform in order to win over new generations to the faith.

For many people God is no longer relevant because he exercises no power and cannot intervene in the world. However, I have long since lost this children's belief in God, who rules people as the omnipotent ruler and ruler. And that's a good thing. In my opinion, God is an intentionist and not an intervener. He (or she?) Wants to make a difference in us humans. That's how I work at Amnesty International and stand up for human rights. In my opinion, God is visible in the many committed people who stand up for the victims of oppression and violence. As adults, we need to reshape our relationship with God. God also needs us humans to make society more human and Christian. But this requires a Christian space that takes human problems and conflicts seriously. However, the Catholic Church has not yet opened up to all issues. On the one hand, there is the disturbed relationship to sexuality (e.g. celibacy). I was very annoyed or angry when I heard about child abuse by Catholic priests through the media. This abuse of responsibility by Christian theologians is an unbearable condition for me. In my opinion, the Church does not take into account the scientific and modern knowledge of psychology in this context. Eugen Drewermann had pointed this out in detail three years ago in his work "Kleriker". Pregnancy counseling was restricted in its competencies (etc.). Something urgently needs to change in the church so that people feel understood by her again. On the other hand, there are also many meaningful and positive institutions of the church (Caritas, debt counseling, help for disabled people, etc.) that the media should report about more often.

The image of man in the Catholic Church would have to be reconsidered so that the Church becomes more human and not more unworldly, so that faith in God can be lived again.

Michael, 38
I would like to contact "Anonymous, female, 23"!

You write that you would like to believe because then your life would be richer and you would not be alone. You also ask how you can find God! I want to try to answer you. I would be happy if you let me know to what extent I could help you with this answer.

The answer? Don't try to find him !! He has already found you !! Just listen, he is speaking to you and has long been by your side!
I made this experience myself and a little story helped me through a difficult time:

A man walks along the beach and sees two tracks behind him. He knows that these are God's traces and his own. But from time to time only a trace can be seen. When he saw his life pass by in the clouds and compared this with the tracks, he realized that just when things were the dirtiest for him, only a track could be seen.
So he turns to God and asks him, 'Lord, you said that you are always with us and watch over us. But why did you let me down when I was feeling the dirtiest? 'The man listens and suddenly hears a voice that says in a friendly manner:' You are wrong if you think that I have let you down. The single track that you see is mine, your track is missing, because if you were particularly dirty --- then I carried you ... ""

This story upset me a lot and also helped me to "find" God!

I wish you all the best!!

Anonymous, male, 81
What I need

Do i need god

I need people
their courage
wakes mine.

I need people
whose courage calls out to me
that God needs me.

Also me.

Kurt Marti

Heinz-Ludwig Balzer, 43
I am a believer, but what? God who is that? God is in life and in death, in birth and in death, be it a premature baby or cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's. God is in the making and passing away, in the building up and in the destruction and decay. We cannot say who or what God is. At the moment I am reading the sermons of Meister Eckhart, whose view of God is still closest to me. I was a lecturer for several years and am still active in my parish of the Protestant state church. But praying is no longer possible. Who or what? There is nothing there. There is love from which life grows. But to worship love or its power - we already had that and the church gave its blessing - such a rubbish. But everything that makes life worth living grows out of love. And I believe that there is a life force, a source of strength, but it does not respond to any prayers. How then - one team prays for victory, the other too. The Americans every morning and the Muslims several times a day. Who does God belong to? God is above everything and in everything. And it is up to everyone to set out on their own, in search of the secret of faith. Wasn't there something else? Sorry someone - Jesus. A fanatic. Consistent until death. His father is said to have crucified him. After all, the Romans were more at the insistence of the lawyers. There are also in abundance today. What kind of father image? Hideous. Representing me? I too have to die at some point. Risen - in the hearts of all who wonder what he wanted to say to us. Worship? He's dead. I will remember him and weigh his words. Divine service - a meditation in the sense of Meister Eckhart brings more. Community of believers? Unfortunately, too few who can part with the rigid theology and think about it instead of parroting it. I appreciate the unctuous consolation that naive beliefs are. But unfortunately there are few who do not turn away disappointed and still cling to the secret.

Anonymous, female, 23
I would like to believe in God because I believe that this would finally fulfill my life again!
For some time now I have had to go through life alone, which is very difficult for me. If I could believe in God I wouldn't be alone! Then there would always be someone with me who gives me strength and who is there for me!
But I don't know how to find God!

Ute, 31
As a child, I grew up in a traditional Catholic family. Baptism, first communion, confirmation, going to church every Sunday ... were part of my life. Attending church services on Sunday was part of my everyday life like brushing my teeth every day. They were things that were simply part of it, that were done, mechanically. However, as a child, I did not experience God in my heart. In my family I cannot remember any emotional experiences of God. I had a children's Bible, but my parents didn't look at it with me or read it from it. Nor can I remember our home speaking openly about God. When I was 11 or 12 years old, I met a girl in a children's spa whose family was Jehovah's Witnesses. A few months later I visited her with her family for a few days and felt a warm atmosphere there and felt safe there. I was given a book ... "Make your youth a success". From my point of view today, the title should be "Make your youth a failure". At that time, however, I took the content of the book seriously because it seemed more authentic to me to believe the people and their statements about God, with whom I felt safe. I tried to live by the book's recommendations so that one day I would come to the much-vaunted paradise. I soon found that I had behaviors that I needed to change because they were "sinful and diabolical" ... like masturbating. I got into an enormous dichotomy of my feelings and thoughts, internally distanced myself more and more from my parents and got scared at night. Again months or 1 or 2 years later my spa friend and I planned that she should come and see me. But her parents forbade her to do so because we were Catholic. At this point I noticed that the Jehovah's Witnesses did not deserve my trust after all and turned back to the Catholic Church in the hope that I could somehow feel God in my heart. Although I made contact with a group of young people from my church at the time, in whom I felt at least more secure than in my cold home, I never found the opportunity to speak openly about my experiences and my unfulfilled longing for God. Years later, as a young adult, I developed hypochondria because I imagined I was affected by some life-threatening disease, because "God wanted to punish me for my sins". After psychotherapy, I was fed up with God for the first time. There were always phases where I was filled with a longing for depth and the search for God and phases where I turned away. And sometimes I thought I had felt a little bit of God in some situations or other people, but unfortunately only a little. But I hardly dared to admit to believing people that I have no firm faith, but that I am on the lookout; that I am not particularly bible, but have large gaps in knowledge, especially because I come from a traditional Catholic. Family come, I don't dare to admit that in my current church. I go to church services and I often see that at some point in the sermons I "switch off" and feel sad because I would like to believe but can't really do it.
Recently a friend of mine tried to kill herself because she saw no other way out. This made me pretty sad and thrown off the shelf. How can God allow this? Do you (know) an answer to that? I am happy to wait for an answer.

Answer from Werner Höbsch:

I thank you for your contribution. He makes it clear that people can get sick from God, or rather from an image of God. Your story of faith touched me. I do not want to go into all aspects. My colleague, Ms. Wernze, will also answer you personally. I consider it a great offense when people are scared with God. Children who are terrified and frightened by fear and terror of God can suffer severe emotional damage. As I understand it, the God of the Bible is a God who takes care of people, offers security and a home and always opens up new possibilities for life.
Doubts are part of faith. Certainly there are people who are unwavering in their faith. It's good. But there are also people who ask questions, who wrestle with God and faith and who doubt. These people are also believers. There are many examples in the Bible that people judge their God.
They ask how God can allow a person to try to kill himself. I think God is not responsible for everything people do. He has given people freedom who can also abuse them. I don't mean the person who tried to kill himself. But how much disappointment and despair must be behind it. In such a situation only dialogue, the relationship with another person helps. The monologue consisting of self-reproach and reproach against others can be fatal. The conversation, or better the knowledge that someone is there who is really interested in me, can be healing.
I understand God to be someone who has an eternal interest in people. This is my belief. But people don't always feel this interest. Interest means to be in between, to be there, to be present.

Werner Höbsch


Anonymous, female, 24
I think every person is a believer in his own way. I also believe, but not in the defined term God. My belief simply relates to something that is not tangible, incomprehensible.
I think in every religion the belief in a certain person - be it in Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism etc. - aims at the fact that we cannot understand some things and need this person for explanation. I myself was raised catholic, I will marry catholic as well and my children catholic. get baptized, but it could be any other religion. I think most people's religion depends on where they live.
I believe, but not in ONE God ...


P. G., 17th
i would like to believe in god ... if only i knew that it has a goal, a purpose. that it's worth it ... you don't like to pursue something blurry, undefined, indefinite ... non-existent? Ultimately, I am responsible for my mistakes. and my happiness is my job. there is no (god) who can relieve me of these things ...

greetings from cologne,

Miriam C., 17th
why doesn't everyone do it?
I believe that honest belief that is carried out with all my heart and soul can give you a lot of strength ... I myself recently let companies run myself ... Belief gives me a lot of strength!
But I can still put myself in the shoes of people who do not believe or who do not know exactly WHAT they should believe now, sometimes I find it difficult for myself to come to terms with what the church says ... the interpretation is seen too narrowly in many congregations particularly deterring young people.
Everyone should find a way to interpret the Bible for themselves!
In the church there should be a lot more open discussions so people can ask their questions and don't have to get out of the church just because something doesn't suit them.
What I also think is a shame: More and more churches or almost everyone I know are always locked apart from the times when the services take place. Where should people seek dialogue with God if not in the church? (Of course you would have to hire staff for this ... that's probably the problem) but a few hours a day in the afternoon would be worth it, I think.

I think this idea is great * to ask people who live without god *

Contribution: ... because it would make life so much easier.

Anonymous, 41
Contribution:, but you can't make it that easy ...

Anonymous, male, 18th century
Contribution: Basically, I think the idea is good to have someone (or to believe to have someone) whom you can rely on in bad times and whom you can ask for help or advice, etc. It is probably a basic human need, because there has always been something like that ...

Perhaps it would also help me in some situations to have this God, but I do not agree with the God as he is characterized by the Bible and Christianity. The Bible is so old and behind the times that it is difficult for me to imagine the circumstances at that time and to derive my own creed from it. One would have to pick out the best parts of this whole and bring together only the most useful and pleasant things into an image of God. Then one would have a God, so that one would like to believe in him and one could rely on him. But the God in the Bible is not all positive. Sometimes it is described as very hard and energy consuming to stand by this God and to satisfy him. You have to observe rules that affect your whole (even everyday) life (the 10 commandments; regular worship; be pious and prudent; etc.), you have to do what he wants from you for your own fidelity and loyalty to provide evidence and must not deny it under any circumstances ...

Well, that is probably a bit too much of a good thing for many people nowadays and nobody wants to believe in a god who causes so much trouble, but who has not even been proven or ensured that he will help and be available, when you need it. Maybe it all sounds very naive and too one-sided, but I think that I'm not the only one who has this problem. God is a "product" of man and he can only exist if people believe in him, but Christianity gives people a God that no one can use today. I would really like to have a God I can believe in, but if I have to imagine a God, then at least a positive one who is a quiet friend by my side and to whom I can maybe look up briefly and wink at him , and he met me with a friendly and honest smile

greets back. And if I have a real problem, or just want to talk, then he should be there too, and lie down on my bed next to me and just listen.


You can also find these properties in the God of Christianity, but it would only be the positive ones and the whole universe of rules, traditions and dogmas that revolves around this center is (even if that sounds harsh) in my opinion for today's " modern "people superfluous and would be perceived as annoying.

Perhaps it would be possible to create your own individual God who is the way you want, but you would have to write your own characterization of him, so to speak, in order to make him real and not let it circulate in your thoughts as a vague idea. It must be tangible and fixed and should not be redefined and adaptable for every new situation, but neither should it be awkwardly fixed and too tightly fixed. The church could well help characterize him, just as she did with God back then ...

To find an end: I would like to believe in God if he would present himself to me in a more valid and pleasant way and I would not have the feeling that I have a 2000 year old man in front of me who can no longer find his way around today and more Makes demands on me than I make on him. I cannot accept a God like that, because I would only incur an additional burden on myself than other burdens would be removed from me.

That is the problem that I have with the Christian. God have ...

I hope I was able to express it in a reasonably understandable way, and I also hope that you can do something with this text :)