How can I make a security camera

Use an old smartphone as a surveillance camera - this is how it works

More and more households are equipping themselves with modern locking systems and other theft-proof tools. The annual police crime statistics recorded a decrease in burglaries in Germany for 2017, which is related to the security upgrade. Expensive equipment is not necessary: ​​Here you can find out how your old smartphone becomes a surveillance camera.

Why do you need a surveillance camera

Burglaries are on everyone's lips, an uncomfortable feeling, especially when you are not at home. A surveillance camera can provide reassurance when you are absent to see whether everything is in order in your own four walls.

Maybe your pet is turning a little free right now. With a security camera you can see for yourself what nonsense the cat is doing, and modern surveillance cameras can also be used as baby monitors. With motion detection, video transmission and voice communication, you can hear everything.

Your cell phone as a surveillance camera

To use a disused mobile phone as a surveillance camera, all you need is your current smartphone for monitoring and an app. You can find many free apps that are suitable for this in both the App Store and the Google Play Store. CalfCam, Alfred or IP webcam are just a few examples. The app must be installed on both phones. You register both devices with your email so that the smartphones will be recognized as belonging together. Now the old mobile phone just has to be placed in the right place and aligned with the camera on the desired motif.

Example app WardenCam turns your mobile phone into an IP camera

With WardenCam, both Android users and iPhone fans can use their old smartphone. After the app has been installed on both devices, you choose which smartphone will be used as the monitor and which will be used as the recording camera. You also specify whether recordings are saved in Dropbox or in Google Drive. Registration with a Google account takes place at the end. You can record in night vision mode, activate the flash and switch between the front and main camera. The motion detector reacts quickly and sends a message to Das Monitor-Handy.

Data protection: You have to pay attention to this

With the surveillance app on your smartphone, you can't just go out and film or even spy on people at random. They must always be informed about this, otherwise you will violate data protection and personal rights. The use of a video surveillance camera in the car is therefore critical, but unproblematic for house entrances, garages and in your own four walls, as long as bystanders are not filmed.
A WLAN connection is an advantage. The apps also work with mobile data, but the data volume is not exactly spared.

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