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killed by a Genkidama

Turles (jap. タ ー レ ス, Tāresu) is a Saiyan who survived the destruction of the planet Vegeta.


Except for the slightly darker skin tone, he looks very similar to Son Goku with the same haircut, facial features and stature, whereby he has the typical characteristic of his people, the monkey tail. He has black eyes and hair and seems to be the same age as Son-Goku, but could be much older because of his Saiyan genes, which make him age more slowly.

He too wears the typical combat suit of the Freez Army, with the color combination black and dark gray with white lines. Except for his bracers and boots which are more white and dark gray. He also has a scouter with a red pane of glass.

In addition, he wore a white cloak that was big enough to cover his body up to his head


Turles appears very proud, arrogant and completely merciless. And is also very ruthless so he doesn't care that an entire planet perishes for the tree of power to flourish, as long as he gets the fruits of it and becomes stronger. So he is grateful to Son-Goku that he never carried out his original assignment, but sees nothing more than a traitor in it. In addition, like other Saiyajins, he did not fall back on his Oozaru shape although he had the possibility, but put his trust more in the fruits of the tree, which in his opinion would give him more strength.

He also showed no emotion when his subordinates were all defeated by Son-Goku, which showed that he didn't care about them and didn't care. But showed in fighters who have the potential to be quite interested such as with the young Gohan whom he had watched as he had defeated one of his subordinates. And he found his skills great, which is why he wanted him as a subordinate. Although he was very disappointed as Oozaru was cautious about this attack, he was still ready to let it serve him if Son Goku kneeled in front of him and asks for forgiveness.

Son-Goku who had witnessed Turles cautiously from very close and thus saw what would have become of him, he had no amnesia, was glad during and after the fight that he had opened his head as a child and so forgot his job, an opinion shared by his friends.


Turles and his team come to earth to plant the tree of power there to become more powerful themselves. Son-Goku doesn't seem to have a chance against him at first; even with his Kaioken he can do nothing against the Saiyajin after Turles had eaten the fruit of the tree. Nevertheless, he succeeds in using the life energy collected by the tree of power for a Genkidama, with which he both defeats Turles and destroys the tree of power.[1]

Powers and abilities

Even at his direct encounter with the Z group, it was already evident that Turles had a high fighting strength. So he stopped Son Gohan's strike with one hand without difficulty and Piccolo, who fought with all his might against him and even used his spiral of hell, which was ineffective to his horror, was defeated without any major problems. In the first fight with Son-Goku, Goku already shows himself to be quite superior to him, until Turles manages to pick the first ripe fruit from the tree of power. Due to the distortion of this fruit, his fighting power and speed increases rapidly and he dominates the subsequent fight against Son-Goku, where even the use of ten times the Kaioken remains ineffective. Since he had a monkey tail, Turles also had the option of using the light of the full moon or a power ball to transform himself into an oozaru and to increase his strength tenfold, which he had only done in the video games but not in the film. Likewise, Son-Goku's friends who came to his aid and who could buy him time were defeated with one blow each and his first Genkidama was also destroyed by Turles. But what was more because the planet earth and its inhabitants no longer had enough energy through the tree of power to form an effective Genkidama. Only the second, when Son-Goku absorbed the energy from the tree of power itself, showed its effect and Turles came to an end together with the tree.

Background information

  • In the French version of the film, Turles is named as Son-Goku's brother, which incorrectly explains the similarity between the two.