Who are the richest people in Iraq

Secret service man on ISIS: "This is the richest terrorist group in the world"

The good news for the western secret services: They now know the names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of quite a fewJihadists from the ISIS terrorist group.

The bad: Success comes a little late. Because meanwhile their enemies are powerful and their advance can hardly be stopped without major military effort.

1.8 billion euros. According to intelligence circles, this is the fortune that the Islamists who are fighting for a medieval caliphate have at their disposal after conquering the megacity of Mosul. The British newspaper “Guardian” speaks of the “richest terrorist group in the world”.

Most of them are said to have been captured by the ISIS fighters (from "Islamic State in Iraq and Syria") when they conquered Mosul, a senior secret service man told the newspaper.

According to him, the ISIS fighters tripled their fortunes when they looted banks and barracks in the second largest Iraqi city. Army equipment fell into their hands almost without a fight in barracks that had been evacuated in panic: 30,000 soldiers and most of the civilian population of Mosul are believed to have fled from the 800 ISIS attackers.

More about the advance of the ISIS terrorists

But where do the millions come from, with which within only three years the richest and supposedly best-organized terrorist group in the world was able to form a scattered Islamist gang?

The more than 160 computer memory sticks that the Iraqi armed forces captured two days before the ISIS offensive on Mosul should also provide information about this.

They had intercepted a courier after 14 days Surveys revealed his client. That leading ISIS leader, Abdulrahman al-Bilawi, was loud Guardian-Information liquidated a few hours later, the highly sensitive data in the hands of the army.

More about the advance of the ISIS terrorists

No surprise: the money for the weapons has been stolen!

Specialists from the secret services have been evaluating the financial data for days. They give a rare insight into the financing of weapons and fighters that are not under any state control.

► Finding 1: With the conquest of oil fields in eastern Syria at the end of 2012, oil revenues immediately poured into the terrorists' coffers. According to the information, they sold some of the oil wells back to the Assad regime in Damascus.

Finding 2: All kinds of raw materials stolen from looting were smuggled abroad and also filled the war chest.

► Finding 3: The Islamists also hawked the cultural treasures of Syria for the highest bidder. In the Qalamun Mountains west of Damascus alone, they would have hoarded and sold antiques for 26 million euros. "Some of them were 8,000 years old," says the intelligence informant.

Military experts are amazed that the ISIS leadership was so careless as to save the real and combat names of its members. Only the names of the spies with whom the Islamists were able to infiltrate the government in Baghdad are protected by abbreviations.

If exposed, they face the death penalty.