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Make equipment data tangible

The number of installed IEDs is constantly increasing and at the same time the frequency of firmware updates is increasing.
How can those responsible react to this?

Stefan Schöner:With the complexity of the equipment, the plants and thus the overall systems, the necessary work processes also increase. A suitable data management solution should be able to map the status of the system 1: 1 in order to support workflows seamlessly.

For firmware updates this means: ADMO 5.10 makes initiation and implementation easier and offers an overview of the versions used. In addition, the resource manager can initiate the update for all devices of a manufacturer type at the same time. The required data (e.g. the device firmware) and additional comments or instructions can be linked directly. The status in the device overview of ADMO then informs that an update is required.

Firmware updates that have been planned but have not yet been carried out can alternatively be created as commissioning or maintenance events. The necessary data is available to the engineer at any time, even if he is working offline in a switchgear.

The handling of software licenses is often quite inflexible and restrictive.
Can't that be made easier?

Stefan Schöner: That's true, unfortunately. Previously, our customers had to request a new license key when replacing an existing user. This has now been changed so that the administrator himself has the option of canceling and re-assigning license keys. You can revoke a license assignment up to three times a year. In addition, the administration of the licenses is made easier by an overview of the currently used licenses.

Especially the graphic preparation can be an enormous help in the data jungle.
What's new in this regard?

Stefan Schöner: The core of a functioning data management system is to make the data usable as information in such a way that it leads to better decisions and actions.

InSight 2.10 now supports customers with three new widgets for calculating and preparing statistics that serve as indicators for the reliability of the energy network. Network reliability is tracked in energy technology using standardized indices such as the duration and number of interruptions. This data is evaluated by ADMO and displayed in InSight.

The new "Events" widget, on the other hand, provides an overview of all events managed in ADMO and the associated data. The great strength of this widget lies in the very extensive filter options. This makes the widget particularly useful in the areas of maintenance planning and maintenance controlling. Also, the user can easily create an email notification with the pre-filtered data.

Why do you think it is difficult for some users to switch from self-made makeshift solutions to a professional solution?

Stefan Schöner:Of course, the most important factor is the cost factor. A self-made Excel table is easy, quick and inexpensive to create - but then the advantages usually end. In my experience, habits and fear of contact are usually the real obstacle. People develop routines very quickly that they hold onto passionately. These affect work behavior as well as nutrition, shopping and the use of new technologies. We often hold on to what we know until a certain pressure motivates us to make a change. Unfortunately, this pressure also means that the framework conditions have changed for a long time and the preferred solution is no longer appropriate.

That is why I appreciate every opportunity to be able to cater to the individual situation and the specific challenges of a customer. The benefits and advantages of a professional solution will then usually become clear quickly and a possible switch will be made easier.

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