How can I make money with tutorials

Make money with software you don't own.

Can you make money with software that you don't even have? Yes. I have a friend who has been using this business model as a side business for years. The funny thing is that his side business brings in more than many full-time businesses - around 10,000 EUR per software per year. And yes, he doesn't own that software, which means he never has to deal with programmers or customer complaints.

This is how the idea works

Step 1

Find free software that people love to use - for example

  • Cloud storage,
  • Help desk software,
  • popular WordPress plugins,
  • Membership software and so on.

Maybe you just want to focus on software used in the online marketing world, or you could serve sub-niches.

You're looking for software that is popular, but ideally not that easy to use. Forums are a good place to start looking for these treasures. Look for a number of posts from people, all asking for help with the same software - and you have the jackpot.

step 2

Now you can either take the next step yourself or outsource it to someone who knows a lot about the software. If you're doing it yourself, you need to know the software really well before taking the next step. You are going to create a tutorial that shows people how to use the software.

Your tutorial will assume that these people know almost nothing about it, so everyone can benefit from it. Guide them through all of the steps of installing and using the software, along with all of the features they may not even know about.

The goal is to make the software as easy to use as possible for everyone - thanks to your tutorial.

step 3

Charge a modest amount for your tutorial. Do not exaggerate! You might want to add an "upsell" that installs the software and sets it up for the customer. You can do this work yourself or delegate it to someone else.

In the tutorial, add links to the paid version of the software, along with anything that will help the reader get the most out of the software. If the software has an affiliate program, you can also earn money here. All of these incomes add up.

And buyers are easy to come by because many people are desperate for answers. You wasted time trying to get the software up and running. Then when they find your tutorial, they are more than happy and often willing to spend a few dollars.

As you can see, we are aimed at people who are already familiar with the software and need help.

But that's only half of your customer base.

The other half are people looking for a specific solution. For example, they want to know how to build a membership site without paying a monthly fee for software. You can recommend options to them: The software usage only requires a one-time payment.

Better yet, show them exactly how to install and use them. Of course, you won't name the solution software on this sales page. And yes, you will need two different sales pages. The first is aimed at the group that has problems with the software and the second is aimed at the group that is looking for a solution that this software offers.

Do you want to earn more money?

You can sell private label rights or resell rights to your tutorials. And you can also get partners on board. This can be a great product to be sold through paid advertising - in both “fix it” and “here is the solution you need” formats.

The work involved is manageable given the money that can be made. It won't make you rich, but it can generate a nice extra income. And the useful life of each tutorial depends on how often the respective software is updated. You can only offer some courses for a few months while others are suitable for a year or two before you have to adjust them.

It's a perfect little side business that doesn't require a lot of startup capital - just the ability to find software that users need help with. And don't forget: After purchasing the tutorial, offer your customers additional solutions. In fact, this alone can double your profits.

So get ready and get started today!