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Tribal cultures of Northeast India

The one in the northeast India between Bhutan, Tibet, Myanmar and Bangladeshi provinces are only connected to the rest of the country by a narrow land corridor. The states of Assam, Arunchal Pradesh and Nagaland are among the least visited and least touristically developed parts of India. A trip to these areas gives us deep insights into a previously almost unknown India: We visit secluded ethnicities and cross varied landscapes with terraced hills, deep jungle forests and the lush green tea plantations of Assam, which produce one of the world's best teas. The peoples in the areas we visited do not correspond to the stereotype of the Indian population; culturally and anthropologically speaking, other people live here who also speak their own languages ​​and are still undeterred by influences from the rest of the country and also from abroad Attach way of life.

Certainly not a trip for comfort fanatics and also not for those who want to experience the India of the Maharajas and palaces. This trip is aimed at those who want to discover, who want to explore with curiosity and respect an area of ​​our earth that is little visited, seems pristine and almost untouched. In return, we like to forego luxury and feel honored, e.g. to be welcomed by village communities.