What's the favorite breakfast in Liverpool

Traditional food in Liverpool

The port city of Liverpool has an interesting one culinary historywhich is reflected in the traditional dishes.

In 2008 Liverpool was the European Capital of Culture and has used this status to present itself to the rest of the continent as a modern, urban and exciting city. That too Fish & Chips The metropolis has lost its image, because Liverpool can no longer be tied to traditional "poor people's food" alone.

Liverpool has long ceased to be the city that John Lennon once described as poor and laconically said: “There were many Irish who only came to Liverpool because they had potatoes.” Liverpool's menus have become much more extensive, even if it still Potatoes in many variations.

Scouse, for example, was not only Ringo Starr's favorite dish, many other Liverpool residents also appreciate the dish. Because of their preference for the stew made from corned beef, onions, matjes and potatoes, the Londoners still affectionately and a little mockingly call the Liverpoolers: Scouser.

Above all they are striking creative name of traditional dishes. They hardly give visitors an idea of ​​what is actually being served to them.

Traditional food

Bubble and squeak

Bubble and squeak is a strange name for a dish, but in principle it is down to earth cuisine. Mashed potatoes and vegetables are mashed and mixed together. The whole thing is then fried in a pan and eaten with meat as a side dish.

English Breakfast

It is well known that breakfast is lavish in England. After all, there is no lunch here, the early meal must last until the evening. In addition to eggs and crispy fried ham, the residents of Liverpool also appreciate fried black pudding with a delicate sauce and beans on the breakfast plate. By the way, fried potatoes for breakfast are not taboo either.


Scouse is a traditional dish made from vegetables and lamb. This stew has been cooked since the 18th century and is often served with warm bread.

Shepherd's Pie

If you want, you can have a shepherd's pie as a small snack between meals. It is a pie filled with vegetables.

Sunday Roast

The Sunday roast is popular in England. Traditionally, beef, pork, lamb or even chicken can be used. There are various types of vegetables as a side dish, although the potatoes should not be missing here.

Toad in the hole

This dish is a variation on Yorkshire pudding. Bratwursts are baked in a batter in the oven.


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