Why is my HTC Hero running slowly?

HTC Hero: This is how the update to Android 2.1 works

Due to the now slightly outdated processor of the HTC Hero, which clocks at 528 MHz, the device is not one of the fastest Android phones. That hasn't changed after the update either. Scrolling through the seven home screens of HTC Sense is particularly annoying. The HTC Hero also likes to take a few seconds to think about when starting programs such as HTC Mail. In terms of performance, the Hero can no longer keep up with current Android devices such as the Sony Ericsson X10 - but that will hardly surprise anyone. In any case, it is positive that the HTC Hero is not overwhelmed by the new Android version 2.1, but by and large runs as fast (or slowly) as before the update. Screenshot: teltarif.de

Although support for Exchange accounts was only introduced with Android 2.0, the HTC Hero was able to do this before: HTC had already improved the mail program a little. The completely redesigned and expanded camera menu is new for the HTC Hero: motif programs, manual white balance and digital zoom are just some of the innovations. The release of the Bluetooth port is also interesting: files can be exchanged between the Hero and other Bluetooth devices without any problems, and the connection to some accessories such as a Bluetooth watch from Sony Ericsson (MBW-150) now works.

HTC has also improved the already existing multi-touch support: For example, if you put two fingers on the display while the start screen is running and pull them together, the HTC Hero shows an overview of all seven start screens - there is no longer any need to scroll from screen 1 to screen 7 . Screenshot: teltarif.de

The Android Market is completely redesigned after the update. Everything looks friendlier, white background areas dominate. The "old" Hero was still quite black and gray. A little training is required in the settings menu of the smartphone - many menu items have been supplemented by submenus and contain significantly more settings than before.

Update to Android 2.1 is definitely worth it

The update to Android 2.1 for the HTC Hero is definitely worth it. After all, the user gets a cell phone with Google's current operating system for free - many other manufacturers should learn a little bit from such support. Sure: The HTC Hero is no longer up to date and can no longer keep up with the current competition such as HTC Desire or HTC Legend in-house. After all, thanks to the update, the device is equipped for 2010 and will certainly remain popular with many users beyond that.