Are Brother or HP printers better

When choosing the right printer, private individuals and entrepreneurs alike face a difficult decision. Just a few years ago, printers only had one function. They could depict digital products on paper. Nowadays the technology of the printer has advanced in every way. Many printers are now an integral part of the networked world and require different software and devices than they used to be.

It is all the more important to deal with the various features of the printing devices and to make the best choice for yourself. The following article shows the best devices from Brother and HP, compares them and helps those who are undecided in choosing the right device. Whether for the business sector or for the private household, there is the right device for everyone.

The Officejet product line from HP - always a good choice

Companies and private households benefit equally from purchasing such a device. It looks the same with Brother's HL line. The Officejet product line offers numerous, different variants, each with different advantages or disadvantages.

At this point, however, a special device should be mentioned: the HP Officejet pro 8210. In contrast to the comparable HL-3152CDW from Brother, the HP Officejet pro 8210, this device prints up to 22 pages per minute. Both printers are primarily suitable for private use, although small businesses and freelancers can also benefit from the functions.

The black Officejet enables two-sided printing, which significantly reduces the cost of printer paper. It also requires less space to store printed documents. Another highlight of this model is the USB slot and the possibility of networking via WLAN. The ink tanks are separate. If one is empty, only this one needs to be replaced - but not the remaining cartridges in the printer.

The all-rounder from HP - reach new dimensions with the PageWide Pro 477dw

One thing in advance: The Brother MFC-L2700DN can definitely be compared with the HP PageWide Pro 477dw. Both devices have high capacities and are intended for different interfaces. Nevertheless, there are still extensions at HP. Companies can even operate this device from their smartphones. This function is mainly useful when employees are not always in the office and want to send certain documents to the other employees or the manager.

Furthermore, this device has to record a larger print volume per minute. It prints 40 pages in a minute. The difference can already be seen here. Smaller companies with low print volumes do not need many of these features. However, this device is a must-have for digital businesses. It also looks great. However, it is important to know that the repair effort for more complex devices is usually more intensive and requires the use of external companies.

Attention companies - here comes the Brother MFC-L2700DN

The Brother MFC-L2700DN is particularly suitable for medium-sized companies. The device has compact dimensions. The manufacturer has completely dispensed with design elements. His focus was solely on the technical properties of this practical all-rounder. With the multifunction printer, companies can print, scan, copy and fax.

The integrated paper cassette has a capacity of 250 sheets. In addition, users can connect the printer to the Ethernet and thus enable printing from different PCs. Numerous connection options, including USB, are available for easy use. The device itself produces 24 pages in one minute. This puts the Brother MFC-L2700DN well above comparable devices. Apart from the latest operating systems, the printer can even be used with older systems. Nothing stands in the way of connecting to Linux computers.

Small hero with compact dimensions - the Brother HL-3152CDW

Private households do not need multifunction printers. The print function is sufficient for most purposes. In order to keep the costs of purchasing and using the printer as low as possible, a laser printer is recommended. The powdered color of the Brother HL-3152CDW printer does not print even with infrequent printing processes. The device has an enormous printing speed of 18 pages per minute.

Users are particularly pleased with the option of wireless printing. If you have a laptop at home and don't have it permanently connected to the printer, you no longer have to. All documents can be printed with the help of the Brother HL-3152CDW via the smartphone. The wireless connection to the Internet can also be set up quickly and easily using a PC or smartphone.