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Mini containers and troughs

Mini container

Mini containers are the smallest containers for the disposal of waste. The small containers are also given names such as multicar containers or city containers. Mini containers are the perfect solution, especially if, for example, smaller and larger quantities of certain types of waste are to be disposed of in separate containers. The mini-containers are perfect for extremely narrow construction sites and can, for example, easily be loaded into the front yard.

You can rent mini containers from a size of 1 cbm (cubic meter) up to 3.3 m³. Mini containers offer a convenient way of disposal, especially for small amounts of waste.

The trough-shaped sedimentation containers offer advantages in terms of their mobility and maneuverability that are only surpassed by [https://www.containerbestellung24.de/container/big-bags.html Bigbags].

Mini container for minimal space

Mini containers can be maneuvered in the tightest of spaces and through the smallest of entrances. The mini container vehicle can easily pass entrances from a height of around 2.40 m and a width of 1.70 m. Mini containers are craneable and can be easily lifted over obstacles such as parked cars or hedges. The crane range is around 5 to 6 meters. Due to their low weight, they can easily be set up on less resilient surfaces such as footpaths.

Mini container price

The mini-container price depends on the content: Depending on the type of waste to be disposed of, the costs vary. A mini-container that is filled with construction waste is charged differently than one with green waste. Small containers are offered at a flat rate.

Which sizes of mini-troughs are suitable for which waste

You can rent a mini trough with a capacity of approx. 1 cbm to approx. 3 cubic meters from Muldendienst. Mini hollows from 1 cubic meter are more suitable for heavy materials such as demolition, rubble or excavated soil. For light, voluminous waste such as green cuttings, household items or bulky goods, mini troughs with a capacity of 3 cbm are suitable. Intermediate sizes of 1.1 m3 or 2.5 m3 are not uncommon for mini-containers.

TIP: On request, mini containers can also be provided with a lid for closing or a trolley for easy relocation.

NOTE: Mini-containers may only be filled up to the upper edge, otherwise the crane claw cannot be properly attached.