Why do the NY Jets always lose

The New York Jets are celebrating - but at what price?

A strange lightning move had recently cost Jets assistant coach Gregg Williams the job - and observers said that all of this might have happened on purpose. The message behind it: The so far completely winless and often criticized New Yorkers would simply prefer a 0:16 season (it would have been only the third after the Detroit Lions in 2008 and the Cleveland Browns in 2017) - only for the upcoming NFL -Draft 2021 in first place will most likely land college quarterback jewel Trevor Lawrence (Clemson Tigers, 88 touchdowns in just 16 interceptions in 39 games). The term "tanking", that is, the deliberate loss in US sport for higher picking possibilities from now on, made the rounds again.

But players and the counted head coach Adam Gase always rejected any rumors. Above all, running-back long-time favorite Frank Gore, who at 37 years of age had recently made it clear about his great career: "It can't end like this - especially not if this is really my last NFL year. Hopefully we'll succeed at least one Victory. I would be so happy. "

"This is the best"

Lo and behold: The jets won, on this Sunday the team managed a never expected 23:20 in the Los Angeles Rams, which were heavily involved in the play-off race with nine wins. Gore himself played a major role, ran to a touchdown.

After 51 weeks and 13 defeats across the seasons, the New Yorkers were victorious again. "That is the greatest feeling in sport, to be able to finish a game by yourself and to know that we have made it," said quarterback Sam Darnold, visibly delighted in an interview with "Fox Sports" about his "kneel-down" seconds before the end of the game the clock. "That's the best. It's just awesome - and I can't wait to celebrate that with the guys inside." In an interview with the US media, coach Gase added: "I'm so happy for the boys. You worked hard on it and did a great job. You have had so much misfortune. And it's been so long for us that we couldn't even remember what it's like to win. So it's great to see the guys so happy now. "

The other side of the coin

Will probably end up with the Jacksonville Jaguars: college super talent Trevor Lawrence (21 years old, Clemson Tigers). imago images

But while the jet professionals, trainers and those in charge were celebrating, the "Shitstorm" pelted the team again from the fans' side. Why? Because the NFL franchise may have bought that one win dearly. Because the Jets standing at 1:13 are no longer the weakest team in the league, they are now the Jacksonville Jaguars, who were "blessed" with 13 defeats in a row (1:13 through the 14:40 in Baltimore). In plain language: If nothing changes in this ranking on the final two game days, then the jags in the coming year will most likely strike at quarterback hope Lawrence - after all, he is considered one of the greatest talents of football times.

On the other hand, do the Jets even want a new playmaker? Although Darnold (first round pick 2018, 3rd place) has repeatedly allowed himself to make mistakes, the 23-year-old is also highly talented - even though only six touchdowns in nine interceptions this year reveal problems. In any case, the critics once again felt the need to ridicule the New Yorkers - despite a surprise victory in L.A.

This victory is a defeat - and it will be for the next 15 years.

So does Rex Ryan, once Head Coach in N.Y. between 2009 and 2014. and still a die-hard sympathizer of this team. As an "ESPN" expert, the 58-year-old said in no uncertain terms: "This victory is a defeat - and will remain so for the next 15 years. I'll be honest: As a Jets fan, I would like Trevor Lawrence to be in the Big Apple the boy is a talent of the century. "